How to take screenshot of Windows Phone using Camera Key

Until Microsoft decides if it’s ok to let users and developers take screenshot from the phone easily, [email protected] has developed an app which lets you take screenshot using the Camera Key. This is probably the first Windows Phone Screen Capture Tool ( Unofficial ).

To use this you need :

  • Developer unlocked phone.
  • You should know how to upload a XAP file to Windows Phone using XAP Deployment tool.
  • Grab this XAP file from here and once done you will see the App in the list.

How to use the Screen Capture Tool :

  • Once you launch the app, look for a button which says “Start Capture Task”. Now when you hit that, the app polls if you had pressed the camera button.
  • Next Navigate to any application and hit the camera button and you can repeat this several times. The developer has set limit to 20 captures which is good if you want to capture several shots of the apps, settings etc of the app. return to application
  • All the snapshots can be seen in the App itself and you can tap to move them into Pictures Hub. They are saved into Saved Albums and not in camera roll.
Screen Capture Tool for Windows Phone

You can configure how long the app will keep taking screenshot and there is an option to prevent it from Auto Run which is useful if it runs as background event and keeps on taking screenshots on it own. I would however like this :)

One thing which I noticed in the forums is the screen capture image quality is not that good as of now. So I guess it needs a fix until then you can grab the XAP file from here.

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