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How to Track Packages using Cortana in Windows 10 ( Desktop and Mobile)

While we have talked about many things Cortana can do, here is a very useful feature that everybody should make use of. Cortana can also track your package coming e-commers sites like Amazon, UPS, Fedex and so on. Like always, Cortana uses the Notebook feature to store these stuff and this is what we are going to use here. This feature works both on Windows 10 Desktop and Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Open Cortana.
  • Tap on the Menu bar and tap again on Notebook.
  • Now Scroll down to find the option which says Packages.
  • There is an option which says Package tracking Cards. If it’s turned on chances are than you have really seen this card on Cortana. It checks on your email to find it out.
  • Now to manually enter a package, click on “Add a package”. Then add the tracking no and it will do the rest for you.

Track Packages in Cortana

Cortana tracks packages from Amazon.com, Target, Walmart, Apple, eBay and Microsoft Store

What if you cannot see the Package Options?

  • Open Cortana, Tap on the Menu bar and tap again on Notebook.
  • Select Settings and look for a toggle which says “Find flights and more”
  • This will make sure you get all the tracking options in your Cortana.

Done this, every time you open Cortana, this will be listed as one of your cards with details. Now here is a tip, if you want to skip all these steps, just do this. Search for a tracking ID in Cortana search box, Cortana automatically starts tracking that package. You can see the card next time you open Cortana.

This feature is only available for countries where Cortana is available. If you want to learn how to enable Cortana outside US, read this.

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