Video : How to Transfer files over Bluetooth on Windows Phone 7.8

So finally we do have the update for Windows Phone 7.5 to 7.8. The most useful feature that rolled in the update are Internet Sharing and Bluetooth File transfer. We knew this from a long time, just that now we this in action.

It is possible to send files for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7.5 users using the Bluetooth File Sharing app. The app not only works but actually this is how Windows Phone 8 Bluetooth file transfer should have been implemented.

Coming back to the topic, we tested the Bluetooth transfer between Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 device and it works. Below is the video demo :

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This app integrates in the Share Menu option as “” when you select a file and choose to share. If your phone is paired, the transfer can be initiated instantly. You will have to still follow the confirmation procedure to approve file transfer on the receiving device.

Bluetooth Share on Windows Phone 7.8

The app has two sections, Shared and Received. Its just a list of files which you can open from here and save to your phone. When you plan to Share, you can choose Pictures Separately and other Files Separately.

Download Bluetooth Share :

You can download the Bluetooth Share from Nokia Collection or just follow the link or scan the QR Code from your Bing Search.

Bluetooth Share QR Code


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  1. Hi Ashish, just a question, related to both the WP8 and WP7.8 Nokia Bluetooth Sharing apps: is this feature now applicable to Contacts, as well? Did you try that?
    For example in order to send a single Contact (in the form of a .vcf, presumably) to a Bluetooth handsfree-device or another Phone?

  2. Hey Marco, yes it works when sending across devices be it Windows Phone or Android. I tried it with Nexus S and Lumia 820. I will check on WP7.8 and let you know.

  3. Tks Ashish!
    I’m hearing from many places that the BT stack of WP8 is quite different from the past WP7.x and the rest of smartphones. That often drives some incompatibilities with carkits, handsfree devices etc.
    Many of them auto-syncs the contacts when paired, but I’ve heard that no WP8 device actually offer that.
    So my idea was to get first hand impressions about single (or massive) BT contacts sending to that sort of devices (because the auto-sync would not work).
    You don’t have any sort of such devices (Plantronics, Parrot, etc.) around to give any feedback, right?

  4. please mail me the reply

    i can recive file into my lumia 710 but i up unable to sent to android, no accepting conformation pops up on notification bar…and i recive an eroor on my lumia that “something went wrong, give it another try, go!”

  5. hello Ashish, I can’t download the Bluetooth Share it says “this app is not available for you phone” i already updated my phone to windows 7.8 :(

  6. salam sir in my phone nokia lumia 620 for video file there is no bluetooth option and i cant send video to my frnds

  7. Hi there! i can’t seem to share files with other devices such as my laptop and a phone of a different brand. I haven’t tried other devices yet but it seems my nokia lumia 610 with OS 7.8 is not capable of sending files (music, pictures, etc) to other devices other than nokia phones. I have tried receiving date and it seems fine, but whenever I tried sending one it shows the error message which goes like something went wrong and my phone is not connecting to the other device and give it another try. Is this an already known issue?

  8. Hi Ashish, I am using Nokia Lumia-520 and i can not send music file from my mobile to other mobile. So can you let me know that how can i send it?

  9. Sir i have some software problem in my Lumia 610 that is not connecting to any blutooth device nor dispalying any tv channel

  10. actually i am not able to transfer games from lumia 520..and if i take gme from android phone..i dnt knw where it is getting saved

  11. Hello Ashish sir, I just wanted to know would a good file manager be available for windows phone 8 anytime soon? I am planning to get a Lumia 720. Also, can we access the sound recordings, bluetooth recieved data through a specific location on both pc and on the phone itself?

  12. hello sir, i bought lumia 620 just 1 day ago. I transfered my multiple contacts from my old phone via blutooth to this phone, but it shows me only the last contact. All the files were individually received properly. From where i can find the remaining transfered contacts.

  13. sir m hvng my old sgh-l700. I select the contact from my old phone and select the option send contact detail via bluetooth. i select multiple contacts to send on lumia 620.
    that’s it

  14. i had done a big mistake by purchasing lumia 610…its an worst mobile i had never seen in nokia,small bluetooth file sharing is not working in this phone so i fed up with this i even dont suggest my friends to go for lumia phones,its a worth less phone

  15. `pls tel me the procedure to send small files r images from my lumia 610 to other mobiles….

  16. Ashishji, I want to transfer photos/videos from my Nokia Lumia 610 to my P C.Kindly help me.

  17. I update my Lumia 7.5 to 7.8 but still i cant get the “Bluetooth share” app is there any problem with my Phone? Plz Help me.

  18. SOS pls. I updated М̤̣̲̣̥̈̇y Lumia 7.5 to 7.8 but still can’t send or receive files with the bluetooth share app. It tells me ‘Sorr but this app won’t work with this version of WP’. Please I need a serious n urgent way out. Am waiting plzzzzzz! U can also post a solution to М̤̣̲̣̥̈̇y mail box, thanks

  19. hello ashish,
    i am using NOKIA LUMIA 610. i cannot share files on bluetooth, give me the solution plz.

  20. It would be very kind of you if you could tell me how can i transfer a video taken in my lumia 720 WP8 to any other phone via bluetooth? When i try to send, it just says “loading” and then does not do nything! Even when i mark all d files in camera roll, the videos do not get marked!

  21. Hi Dear, I hae transferred my videos to my LUMIA 620 and after transfer of each video it says “done and saved” and I can also see the view if I tap there only… but after that I am not able to see the video after that anywhere in phone..not even after connecting to laptop..please help

  22. hi, i m luking forward to buy lumia 620 just wanna know if i can transfer videos and some small files like pdf or excel, word from other phones via blutooth or not??
    and also i hav seen in 610 that we cannot move any images or songs from the saved location. so will i get that feature in WP8??

    waiting for reply….pls email

  23. Office documents can be transferred via Bluetooth / NFC and even on PC. You can even receive it. However PDF sharing is not possible. However you cannot move them to SD card.

  24. Hi Sir,

    meera shaikh i am having nokia lumia 710 but i am not able to receive files from other mobile via bluetooth its showing error message not connected please help me or reply in my mail

  25. Hello ashish , I am using Samsung Omnia w os7.8 what should i do to share files with b bt because marketplace is showing that this app is not for your phone.please help.

  26. sir i hv just bought a lumia 720 and whn i recieves video files through bluetooth, i cnt find it on my phone after it says done and saved. plz help me out….

  27. Hi Ashish, I got my new lumia 620, win8, I can’t able to send multiple songs at a time on marking all or several.. Each song having each share option but can’t share multiple songs via bluetooth.. please help me.


  28. helo sir…this is my post….I have to know where I found the data receives from blutooth on my lumia 720….like video or games or other file…..reply sir fast asap…..thanks in advance….

  29. Helllo sir, I own a lumia 510 which runs on 7.8..i have bluetooth share and i am able to receive and transfer music, pictures to devices.I can even receive videos but cant send them…how do i solve this???..another problem is that whenever i try to transfer a file from my pc to my phone via bluetooth, it shows an error…what should i do come over this problem??. I would be greatful if you could help me..

  30. sir, 1st i am opening bluetooth share then when i am going to the share option, i am only able to browse my pictures and mp3 files, the videos are not being shown….

  31. first u turn on ur bluetooth and search device and connect it, then tap on window key and go on what u want to share, if u r reach there then tap and hold, there were sharing option and u see the bluetooth option, and after it u can send anything via bluetooth easily..

  32. Hi Ashish,
    there are many dis advantages in my nokia lumia 620 (windows 8),
    1. I cant send multiple songs once via bluetooth.
    2. thers no option to send video files via bluetooth which were copied in my phone..
    3. can’t play incoming videos via bluetooth from any device.
    4. did not have a file manager..
    5.Did not have perfect video and music player (like MX player in android, X box music or sensor player for android) that supoorts almost all video formats..
    6. lack of apps and almost all apps have paid….
    Please help me, weather we have any solution for this..?

  33. 1) yes multiple songs and video sending is not possible.

    2) Videos should be copied into Camera Roll to be shared.

    3) That should work. What is the error you faced here?

    4) Nope doesn’t have file managers.

    5) VLC player is on the way for WP8. Which formats you want to play

    6) Which Apps you are looking for?


  34. Hi Ashish,

    How can we save the received video directly in the “Videos”. Currently it is saving in the “Photos”—>”Saved Pictures”.

  35. Thank You Ashish..
    Can we get in future regarding multiple multimedia sharing like videos n songs and also File manager after next update?
    can’t play incoming videos, showing error ” you can’t play this type of file”.
    Can we play video formats like .flv, .mkv, etc., can vlc media player plays these type of formats?? can play mp3 as well?
    Apps like motion sensor music player, downloading video while playing (like Download manger for PC), temple run game, etc.

    Thank You Ashish.

  36. 1.sir how can i sen d videos from d foldr music+videos to other mobiles
    i m using lumia 720.
    2. i jst saved a video and it showd dt it was svd in music+video foldr bt aft searchin ft foldr i didnt get
    sir plz help me

  37. hi! i recently bought lumia 820..i tried sending a movie to my phone through another phone but i am not able to find where the file is stored.however my free space has also reduced

  38. Sir I have a Nokia Lumia 900 Made in Korea but it is not work in India when I try it the message show “Make sure that this PIN XXXXXX matches the PIN that (Blue tooth Name) displays” when I accept other phone the msg display “Not Supported”

  39. Hi Ashish
    Guide me how to send mp3 song via my lumia 820 to another anroid mobile??
    reply me the whole procedure

  40. i have bought a lumia 520 because i also a fan of windows 8 OS,but right now i think its a westage of money.
    this phone is not a organized phone,i can’t share music and videos through bluetooth but now a days its a common option
    that is available in all phones recived files are not stored in their respective folder,even i can’t able to find a delete option delete any music or videos.Really frustrating and hopeless man.

  41. hi Ashish pls help
    I have unlocked AT&T from Korea Lumia 900 mobile with 7.8 updated however still I m unable to use Bluetooth share app

  42. Hello Ashish,
    how to send videos via bluetooth from lumia 510 to other mobiles……..?????
    plzzzz rply

  43. Hi There,

    could you please help me re Nokia Lumnia 520-I transfered music files via Bluetooth it did go through and even allowed me to tap on and see when it loaded down but after it is nowwhere to be found – have checked every application including camera and video and music apps-the videos that were transferred via bluetooth are strangely in pictures

  44. Hi Ashish , is there a way to transfer files over Bluetooth via LG C900 Quantum?
    The phone is already upgraded to WP 7.8 ( OS Version : 7.10.8862.144)


  45. Hello sir,can’t I send pic songs and from any phone ormay be even receive frm another phne thanks

  46. hi ashish,
    I want to know from you if windows 7.8 is available for lumia 610.I bought this phone during june 2012 .

  47. Hi Ashish,

    I updated my Lumia 710 to 7.8 and after that I am able to send files using bluetooth share to Android phones but unable to receive files. Getting “not able to send” error in Android phone. (OS Version : 7.10.8862.144). Please help.

  48. Ashis, I am Zambian and owning Lumia 800…..there seems to be no update eachtime I plug my lumia to the PC with Zune…


  49. i can play movies in my lumia 820 when i get it from android phone so what can i do now to play these movie

  50. i can’t play movies in my lumia 820 when i get it from android phone so what can i do now to play the

  51. then how do i connect to my desktop so that i can take my pictures from the phone and copy to my desktop

  52. i need to know more about how my lumia 520 appear on my desktop bcos i want to copy music and picture to my phone

  53. i am at the internet cafe now and i have an hour to use an internet, please tel me how do i load and transfer that zune to my phone or to the desktop now?

  54. Sorry, Windows Phone 7.8 doesn’t have USB storage mode. Only way to get out is over Bluetooth or use Zune

  55. Dear Ashish i have lumia 520, i transfer the xap theme file from laptop to lumia via bluetooth, it didnt installed and in lumia where can i fine that downloaded file in phone ?

  56. hello mr. ashish i have a problem with my nokia lumia 510, i can’t send or receive file using bluetooth.. what will i gonna do? thanks.

  57. Hi Ashis,
    just one information I would love to have from you. I have transferred some music file to my Lumia 820 from another device using bluetooth,but I am not being able to find it anywhere . Where will I be able to see those files??

  58. mr Ashish,
    Im trying to transfer .xap apps to my nokia lumia 710 (WP 7.8), using the nokia share application, after successful transfer i cant find where are the received files, please help,

  59. hello Mr ashish
    i have purchase nokia lumnia 620 i am not able to send music files & video files through bluetoth.there is no option of bluetoth.

  60. Hello. i want a help..I am using 510.also am a new user to wp.. When i receive any MP 3 file from any other device,It receives completely and shows “Didn’t receive file. Sorry, Something went wrong, give it another go.”
    what is this? .Also shows the same issue when receiving video files also.I couldn’t receive any videos till this time.

  61. hello, Im not able to find the bluetooth share app. I followed the given link, but it says ‘the app isn’t available because the software needs to be updated, the application is exclusive to a diff mobile provider, or the app is not available in your region.’
    I dont understand. Im using lumia 610 and have the os version 7.10.8862.144

  62. i transferred a song from lumia 820 (the song was downloaded from nokia music) to anroid mobile via Bluetooth. BUT THE SONG PLAYED FOR FEW TIMES AND THEN SHOWED UNABLE TO PLAY THE FILE

  63. Hello sir, I hv a lumnia 710 which runs on 7.8..i have bluetooth share and i am able to receive and transfer music, pictures to devices.. my friend has got lumnia 510 so how can i transfer games like temple run to my lumnia 710 via bluetooth.. can you just tell me..

  64. great work Ashish. i have a lumia 610 but whenever i try downloading apps,it says my windows live ID is curenly unavailable. my tried finding solutions with my network operator but they insisted it was a lumia there any advice you can give me


  66. You haven’t written anything that sensible users already don’t know. All I got from this article was, if I have to open a soda bottle, I should get a bottle opener and hold it in a particular way and open the bottle.

    Bluetooth share is limited to certain files and that too, very very limited on Lumia 900. If i am lucky, I will be able to transfer “pictures” ONLY to my PC. Videos can’t be shared by bluetooth share. Recorded audio can’t be shared. Incoming is a strict no no at least for Lumia 900. I opened this article link to find out if there is any trick that we don’t know yet. I shot a 2 minute video at home and the only way to get it on the PC is Zune sync. And after the sync, the video file won’t play. Cause guess what … it is a Tmp FILE.

    If at all, you could have given any info about any bluetooth apps that are better than this crap we already get in Lumia 900. I also see you haven’t mentioned 900 as one of the devices you have tried. :)

    This is a fail handset. Lumia 900 is a fail. Lumia itself is a fail. Thankfully I did not invest money into this handset cause it was a gift from a friend.

  67. Hi i have transferred a video from another phone to my lumia 610 and when i try looking for it is not on my phone. But when i go to bluetooth share is available as unsupported file what can i do please help

  68. Hi Dear, I hae transferred my videos to my LUMIA 620 and after transfer of each video it says “done and saved” and I can also see the view if I tap there only… but after that I am not able to see the video after that anywhere in phone..not even after connecting to laptop..please help

  69. hello Ashih sir i am using lumia 610 i have a problem in video shearing my phone can share only photo and file it can’t share video whats the problem in my phone please tell sir i am w8ng for your reply

    Regard Khaliq Dad Khan.

  70. Windows Phone has limitation file type support. So if you try t transfer anything else, it just gets lost. Sorry but thats a platform problem.

  71. sir, i have nokia lumia 710 , im unable to pair my bluetooth with another phone…and when pairing it is showing not supported…how can i solve this problem and send and receive files through bluetooth

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