How to Trim Videos in Windows 10 Mobile

When it comes to Videos and Photos, any user looks around for basic features to be available on its phone. Editing, Beautification, Removing red eyes are few examples.  Windows 10 Mobile comes with all the basic features required by a consumer, and in its recent update, Photos app has now included the ability to trim videos on your phone.   This is a very handy feature if part of your video needs to be get ridden off. Apart from this, you can also save picture from the video directly and then share it later.

Windows 10 Mobile Trim Option

  • Open Photos App.
  • Select any video, and then pause it. ( Video automatically starts playing).
  • Right at the bottom, you should see option to edit it which is symbolised using a pen.
  • Next you will have two options. One that can be used to save photos, and second is TRIM.
  • When you choose to trim, the next screen is a basic editor which allows you to mark start and end of the video that you want to keep.
  • Drag and adjust according to your need.
  • Next look for the save icon on top ( a very odd position IMO) and it will export the video as a new video.

Video Demo:

The export takes a bit of time and it will depend on your hardware & length of video. Phones with latest processor and more RAM should perform better compared to the older generation.

Ashish Mohta
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