How to Troubleshoot Eye Control Feature in Windows 11/10

People with disabilities will soon be able to use an Eye Tracker to access their Windows PC. At Microsoft’s latest hackathon, the firm introduced the ‘Eye Control’ feature. The function is aimed to assist persons with disabilities in using their Windows 11/10 PC with an on-screen keyboard and mouse.

This function is only available on Windows PCs. Microsoft introduced this fantastic technology called Eye Manage at its inaugural hackathon, allowing impaired persons to control their PC with their eyes. Let’s discover all the eye control features of Windows 10/11.

Eye Control Feature Windows

What Exactly Is Windows Eye Control?

People with disabilities will soon be able to use an Eye Tracker to access their Windows PC. At the company’s hackathon, Microsoft recently introduced the ‘Eye Control’ feature. The function is mainly created for persons with disabilities to assist them in using an on-screen keyboard and mouse to control their Windows 11/10 PC.

The functionality is only available for Windows PCs. During Microsoft’s inaugural hackathon, the firm introduced this fantastic feature called Eye Control, which allows impaired individuals to use the PC using just their eyes.

However, for the functionality to operate, it must be used with a compatible eye tracker. To utilize it, users must first activate the PC’s Eye Control function, which displays a Launchpad on the screen, allowing them to access the PC. Users must look at the screen until the function activates when the Launchpad shows on the screen.

What is the minimum version of Windows for Eye Control?

  • Go to Start > Settings > System > About.
  • Check the version number on the software. It should be at least Windows 10 1709 or Windows 11.

If you do not have this version, check if you have an update available to upgrade your Windows copy.

Why Does Eye Control Doesn’t Work With My Webcam?

This function necessitates the use of specialized hardware, and only a few devices are compatible. It features EyeTech and Tobii hardware. Tobii also provides the Eye Tracker 4C, EyeX, Dynavox PCEye Plus, EyeMobile Mini & Plus, PCEye Mini and Explore, and I-Series+ in addition to the TM5 Mini.

The gadget attempts to determine where you are looking on the screen and subsequently transforms into a mouse cursor. Then, when you move your eyes, it can detect the changes.

Is It Possible To Employ Eye Control In My Native Language?

Eye control is accessible in all markets across the world. On the other hand, the eye control keyboard only supports the English keyboard layout used in the United States. Furthermore, much of the eye control settings’ language is only available in English.

How To Use The Eye Control Keyboard?

Repeat the procedure by focusing on the keyboard button on the launchpad. Then on the characters, you wish to type. When utilizing it, though, make sure to activate the software keyboard. Text recommendations work best in this scenario, so have a look at them before selecting one. Currently, eye control only works with the US English keyboard layout.

Shape writing is also possible using Eye Control. When used with text prediction, it improves speed over this technique. To turn it on, you must hover over the Shape writing toggle.

How To Use Eye Control To Scroll/Zoom Through Web Pages And Apps?

Hold down the Scroll button on the launchpad to scroll. When enabled, it scrolls down and up as you gaze down and up. In the same way, you may scroll left or right. This section, on the other hand, is a little problematic. The longer you hold your finger on any of these buttons, the faster you’ll scroll. So, if you need to take a break, look away from the screen.

How to Set Up & Modify Eye Control Settings?

It may take some getting used to, but Microsoft has provided precisely the appropriate choices for configuring the dwell duration for all of them. To alter them, go to the launchpad and choose Eye control settings. You can change the following options:

  • Dwell time is being typed- Set the time for letters, numbers, and symbols to stay on the screen.
  • The average dwell time- The dwell duration for function keys, word predictions, and mouse cursor controls can be set.
  • Formal writing- Toggle the shape writing on and off.
  • Look at the cursor- When focusing on eye control elements such as the launchpad, enable a cursor that displays where your eyes are pointing.

Does Eye Control Function Work When Wearing Glasses In The Sun?

Because of factors such as reflection and conflicting lighting and the capabilities provided by the Eye Control device, utilization may be restricted. Eye-tracking operates depending on eye color, eye size, and eye shape. The best method would be to study the device’s handbook and discover its resolutions and features.


The company’s objective of enabling consumers throughout the world is the focus of the One Week Hackathon. The notable feature of Eye Control was inspired by the Ability Eye Gaze team’s other miraculous discovery, the Eye Gaze Wheelchair. The Eye Gaze Wheelchair, which won the 2014 hack of the year award, is the first of its type, allowing the user to operate and propel the wheelchair using just their eyes.

For further support on the Eye Control feature in Windows 11/10, visit Microsoft’s official support page by Clicking here.

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