How to Turn Off Message Preview Text in Conversations of Outlook Mail

Following the update on Windows 10 PC, Outlook Mail for Windows 10 Mobile has also been updated with an important feature which many of you would love to have. You can now turn off the messages preview text in the message list or the message conversation. It comes in handy when you don’t want others sneaking on your email to read the start of the email. I love this feature as it gives me an idea of what the email might have, and many times I end up skipping it.

How to Turn Off Message Preview Text in Conversations of Outlook Mail

This feature is available both on Windows 10 Mail with Office 365 Outlook Mail. If you are using Windows 10 Mobile, then it is available in the default mail client as well. I will explain this feature for both of them.

1] Office 365 and Outlook

It is in two steps. Since we do not want anybody to see what’s inside an email, first, we will turn off Message Preview, and second, we will turn off the Preview window.

  • Open Outlook and switch to View section on the Ribbon menu
  • Click on Message Preview, and choose to turn off and apply it for all mailboxes.
  • Next, click on Reading Pane under Layout, and turn it off.

Now your Outlook will look like Gmail and will show the list of emails. I use this setting because its easy to look at all the emails. Reading Pane slows down everything for me.

2] Windows 10 Mobile: Turn Off Message Preview Text

  • Choose Settings > Reading > Conversation
  • Toggle the Show preview text option on or off.

Outlook Email Preview Text Mobile 1Outlook Email Preview Text Mobile 3 Outlook Email Preview Text Mobile 2

Apart from the Outlook Email and Calendar App has few more updates available as below:

  • Drag and drop attachments into your email messages
  • Print week view in the calendar
  • Get rid of junk email with right-click Move to Junk
  • Let others know, “I’ll be late” directly from meeting notifications.
  • Move to a pre-defined folder is also available.

Move to Junk is another good option, to move emails which bypassed Spam detection.  While drag and drop is supported, it is impossible to do it on Windows 10 Mobile.

We hope you were able to turn off Message Preview Text in Conversations of Outlook Mail both on Mobile and on Windows 10 PC

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