How to update Apps and Software in Windows 10

Updating Windows 10 and the applications installed in it becomes quite essential when one wants to enjoy the latest features, and it isn’t quite difficult updating them. But there are applications from two primary sources, one being the Microsoft Store and other being Third-Parties such as Adobe, Piriform, and more. In this post, I will guide you on how to update apps and software in Windows 10.

How to update Apps and Software in Windows 10

You can use any of the methods to update the application based on the source of download. It is recommended to have a stable internet connection while updating and ensure that the battery is fully charged.

  1. Microsoft Store
  2. Patch My PC
  3. IObit Software Updater
  4. Thor Free

1] Manually Update Apps Through Microsoft Store

Manually Update Apps in Windows 10

It’s straightforward updating applications through the Microsoft Store; all one needs to do is open the Microsoft Store application, click on the Download button at the top right corner next to the three-dotted Menu. It will open the Downloads and Updates Page, here select the Update All button.

2] Patch My PC

Ptach My PC Windows 10

Patch My PC is a free and portable application that can update the software on the PC  without one’s interference to click anything during the process. With the app, one can easily differentiate between updated and outdated software. Green patches indicate up-to-date Softwares, whereas red patches indicate the outdated ones. The application also supports Auto-Updation based on the user’s choice.

Yes, the software doesn’t look flashy as other applications on the list but gets the job done. Additionally, Patch My PC is quick and could be executed from a USB drive.

Download Patch My PC

3] IObit Software Updater

Update Apps Automatically - IOBit Driver Booster

IObit Software Updater is a simple and very easy to use application for the accomplishing the task of updating apps. It supports the addition of essential software to the Auto-Update List. It can scan and automatically update the software database at a scheduled time. One of the significant advantages of the IObit Software Updater is there arent ads, or malware, or any applications that come bundled.

One major drawback of the application is, it only allows two updates a day, which is a bummer considering other apps don’t have this limit.

Download IObit Software Updater

4] Thor Free

Thor Free Windows 10 Update Software

Thor Free is yet another third-party application updater which comes in handy when one needs to keep security-critical programs up-to-date without having to think much about it. It supports silent and automatic updating when granted permissions from the user. It has multiple modes to keep all the programs updated or just a particular list of programs.

The application checks for updates every few hours by default, which can be adjusted in the Settings. The application also recommends programs that are just a click away, although the free version misses out on malware detection and more.

Download Thor Free

How to Turn On/Off Automatic App Updates in Windows 10

How to Turn On Automatic Updates Windows 10]

There are certain instances when one completely forgets about updating the applications on their machine, so instead one could set the Microsoft Store to keep the machine’s apps updated automatically, here’s how:

Open the Microsoft Store application either from the Taskbar or the Search Box, Right next to the Profile icon; you’ll find a three-dotted menu click on that and from there Select Settings. Under Settings, there would be an option stating Update Apps Automatically. So if you want it to do so, turn the option on, else just toggle it off.

I hope the post was useful, and you were able to Update Applications in Windows 10. With that said, How many of you prefer installing third-party applications to update software?. Do let us know that in the comments section below

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