How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your Business 

Instagram is both, a social and business platform.  One of the ways you can make financial gains from Instagram is by using it to drive traffic to your website and you don’t need thousands of followers to achieve this goal. However, you will need some strategies on how and when to post your Instagram stories. One of the strategies that will help you capture your audience is the Proper scheduling of Instagram posts.

In this article, we will share some strategies that you can use to drive traffic through your Instagram stories. Let’s acknowledge them.

How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your Business

Instagram drive traffic

Drive Traffic by Using Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers

Product stickers can help you use Instagram to make more sales. By using the sticker, you can tag specific products in the stories. This creates a streamlined way through which your audience can shop for your products.

You can place your shoppable Instagram story stickers on either images or videos. You can also customize it to fit any Instagram Stories aesthetic.

Use this simple sticker to drive the conversation from your Instagram Stories. This strategy can become your turning point, especially if your business has less than 10k followers.

Add Direct Links to Stories

Instagram has a restriction on who could add links to the stories. For you to qualify, you must have garnered more than 10K followers. In most cases, adding links to your stories could change your brand’s value instantly.

Also, make sure that you tell something funny about the link in your Instagram stories. A brief explanation about the link, either verbally or via a text caption, will automatically result in more clicks.

Whether done verbally or through a text caption, always provide a quick explanation of why someone should “swipe up.” This is a good start when it comes to driving clicks to your page. Using attractive swipe up GIF or animating your stories will incentive readers to click on them.

Encourage Your Audience to Click Your Link in Bio

This method is especially effective for those who have less than 10K followers on Instagram. It offers an excellent opportunity for you to direct your audience to your website instantly. Also, you can decide to tag your Instagram profile in specific stories. Surprisingly, this will provide a short cut to your link in bio through a direct, clickable way.

Having a link in bio is also another simple way of sharing more than one link through your Instagram bio.

Add Links to an IGTV Video

Instagram users can add clickable links to their IGTV video descriptions. This method is a precious gem of driving IGTV viewers to your links. To be smarter enough, add a swipe up link and a call to action from your Instagram Stories. The good thing about adding links to IGTV videos is that you are not required to have 10K followers. All you need is to create the video and then add the link.

The video will not only drive traffic to your site, but it will also enhance your engagement with the audience. As such, you will even gain more views.

In conclusion, Instagram can be a very useful tool to drive traffic to your business if you master the techniques of using it.

If you have any comment about this post or have any other tips on how businesses can drive traffic using Instagram, please feel free to share them

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