How to Use JioMeet, Tips, and Tricks You Should Know About

Reliance has announced its own Video Conferencing application named JioMeet; it plans on taking on popular applications in its category, including Zoom, Google Meet, WebX, and more. Currently, the app is free to use and caps out at a 100 participant limit and is available on both Android and iOS platforms. There are some tricks that you could try to make your experience using the application better. In this post, I will guide you on how to use the JioMeet app and tell you a few Tips and Tricks you should know about.

How to Use JioMeet, Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

How to use JioMeet to start and join a meeting

The steps are simple, and you can signup using a mobile number and email id.

1] How to Start a New Meeting

While JioMeet has a pretty similar looking UI to Zoom, there are a few fundamental changes. If you are planning on using JioMeet, here’s how you could use the application to Start a New Meeting:

How to Use JioMeet, Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

  1. Open the app and click on the Signup button
  2. Enter your details, including your Email, First and Last Name, and click Next.
  3. Verify your Email using the link received on your Email by creating your password.
  4. Now, Navigate to the login page and log in using your credentials.
  5. On the Home screen, Click on the New Meeting option. Select whether you would like to use your Personal Meeting ID or just schedule a one Time meeting and click on Start a Meeting
  6. The Meeting is now created, and participants are now free to join.

Additionally, the invite link for the Meeting could be found under the Participants Menu> Invite > Copy URL.

2] How to Join a Meeting

How to Use JioMeet, Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

Joining a meeting via the JioMeet is quite an easy task, and doesn’t require a user to signup. Here’s how to join a Meeting via JioMeet:

  1. You could join the Meeting either using the link or the Meeting ID. If you have the link, just click on it, enter the password (if applicable).
  2. Else, on the Home screen of the JioMeet, click on Join a Meeting and enter the meeting ID and password.
  3. While joining the Meeting, you’ll be asked whether you would like to join the Meeting with Audio and Video turned on or off.
  4. Next, you’ll be in the Meeting once the host has allowed you to Enter (If Applicable).

JioMeet Tips and Tricks

1] Make Video Feed of a participant full-screen

When there are multiple participants in a meeting sharing their video feeds. Still, you do want to focus on a single video that could come in handy at situations such as Pinning the Teachers Video in the conference and more, you can make the video feed full screen. Here’s how:

Just make a double click on the video feed of the participant to make the video go to full screen and do the same again to bring it back to the standard view.

2] Mute All attendees at once

If you are the host of the Meeting and would like to Mute all the participants of the Meeting at once, instead of asking the participants to do so, here’s how you can do it:

Go to the Participants tab, and there you’ll find the option named Mute/Unmute All. Just make a single click, and the task is accomplished.

3] Schedule a Personal Room

Suppose you are taking regular classes or scheduling regular meetings, instead of creating new meeting IDs or links, again and again, you could schedule a Personal Room whose Meeting ID and password remain constant. The same could be used for repeated meetings. Here’s how:

On the home screen of the JioMeet application, click on the New Meeting button, here you’ll find an option for Personal Meeting ID, enable that and make a note of it. Now just share that to the participants.

4] Join Meeting in a Web-Browser

If you are using a device such as a Laptop or older generation devices that do not support the application, you could join the Meeting in a Web browser. Click on the link, and it will pop up an option to Launch in Web Browser. Click on that, Enter your Name, and join the Meeting.

I hope the post was useful, and you were able to learn How to use the JioMeet application, and a few tips and tricks. With that said, Will you be using the JioMeet app over Zoom? Do let us know in the comments section below.

You can download the app for Windows, iOS, Android, browser, and more.

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