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How to use Xbox Controller with Windows 10 PC to Play Xbox One Games

Windows 10 and Xbox integration has come a far way. You can record games, stream it to your computer, record games and so on. It is also possible to use Xbox Controller with Windows 10 to play Xbox One games. There are a couple of scenarios. You can either stream from Xbox to Windows 10, your controller with Xbox One to play on your PC, and so on.

How to use Xbox Controller with Windows 10 PC to Play Xbox One Games

Windows 10 Xbox App allows you to stream games from Xbox One to Windows 10. It is a brilliant feature which makes sure you never miss your gaming sessions if for some reason your TV is pre-occupied. All it needs is to have the Windows 10 device and Xbox one to be on the same network.

Windows 10 PC

Connect Xbox One with Windows 10 PC using its charging cable, and Windows 10 will automatically detect it. Launch a game which is also available for Xbox One, and you will be able to use the controller as anyone uses on the console. If you do not have charging cables, you can connect using Bluetooth if the controller has the support.

Microsoft also offers specialized hardware a Wireless adapter which can connect with the controller and do the job for you.

It is especially useful for those who have a high-end PC configuration for gaming, and they like to use the controller.

Windows 10 Tablet

While its easy to use the Xbox One controller with a PC because it has the USB port, how do you make it work with a MicroUSB port which are the only options in Windows 10 Tablets? The answer to this tricky question is a microUSB to USB converter or what is popularly known as the OTG cable which allows you to use a USB drive.  I prepared an easy to understand video that you should take a look into:

Things You Need:

  • An OTG Cable
  • Standard cable used in charging phones, i.e. which has one MicroUSB port and a USB port.
  • Windows 10 installed on a Tablet with the Xbox App.
  • Make sure they are on the same network.

Setting it up:

  • First, connect the USB port of charging cable with OTG.
  • Connect OTG’s microUSB end to Tablet’s microUSB port.
  • Now connect microUSB end of the charging cable to Xbox One Controller. You should hear a sound indicating that the tablet has detected the controller. Also, the Home button of the Xbox One controller will remain lighted up.
  • Next, all you need to do is a stream and play the game.

It is easy to use a controller with Windows 10 PC. If your Windows 10 PC is not of high-end configuration, but you like to play it on your big monitor, you can do that as well.



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