How to Video Conference With Guests in Microsoft Teams

With remote work being part of our daily life, video conferencing has become a vital aspect of communicating with others. For that, people seem to prefer Microsoft Teams for the conduction of seamless meetings. Moreover, it is easy to connect the conference with guests outside of the team. In this video, we will share how you can set up a Video conference with guests in Microsoft Teams

Video Conference With Guests in Microsoft Teams

How to Video Conference With Guests in Microsoft Teams

In this article, we will talk about the different ways to video conference with guests in Microsoft Teams. We will be explaining how to set up a video conference with guests before the call and then how to do it in between the meeting.

  1. Set up Video Conference with Guest Before the Meeting
  2. Video Conference With Guests During the Call

So, without further adieu, have a look at the step-by-step guide that will help you to set up video conferences with the guest users in Microsoft Team meetings.

1. How to Set Up the Video Conference With Guests Before the Meeting/Call?

Microsoft Teams allows guests to participate in video conferences even if they are not part of the organization. Many users don’t know this fact and even if someone knows, they don’t have the idea to do that.

Here are the steps you can follow to set up the video conference with guests before meeting in Microsoft Teams:

  • Open Microsoft Teams. Go to the Calendar.
  • Click on the New meeting button that you will find in the upper right-hand corner of the app.
    Click on Calender and Then New Meeting in Teams App
  • In the Details tab, enter the email address of the guest you want to join in Add Required Attendees box.
  • Once done entering the guests’ email ID address, click on Send button.
    Add Users in Attendees in Teams

When the time of the meeting arrives, you have two options you can use to join the meeting.

Firstly, you can go to the MS Calendar tool. After that, click on the Join button.

Alternatively, you can go to the Outlook Calendar and click on the link present there.

Now, you can join Microsoft Teams to participate in the video conference with people that don’t belong to your business organization.

You can follow these steps to video conference with guests before the meeting. Keep in mind that if the meeting or call starts, these steps will not help you. For that, there is another process that is discussed in detail below.

2. How to Video Conference With Guests During the Call?

Do you want to video conference with guests during the meeting or call? There are some steps that you can adopt to make this possible in Microsoft Teams. Take a look that will help you to do a video conference with guests during the meeting/call-in Microsoft Teams.

  • During the call, go to the menu bar. After that, click on the Participants icon written as People.
    Click on the Participants Icon in Teams App
  • A panel will open in the right section named Participants. Select the Share Invite option to proceed further.
    Click on Share Invite Button in Teams App
  • A new window will open with various options. Choose the Copy Meeting Link option.
    Choose Copy Meeting Link in Microsoft Teams
  • A link will be saved in your clipboard, you need to paste the link info in an email. Now, send that email to any guest you want to invite for the call.
  • Alternatively, you can also use the Share via Default email option to send emails to the guests you want to invite.
  • Again, go to the Participants section. There, you might see some guests enlisted as Waiting in the lobby.
  • Click on the tick icon. This will allow them to join the meeting.

In some cases, the guests might be able to join the meeting even without waiting in the lobby. That primarily depends on the settings that have been made on the device.

There are several other ways you can add outside or internal participants in meetings on Microsoft Teams. For instance, you can use the Team channel to schedule to fix meetings and then add participants for that meeting. It actually depends on the guests you want to invite and when.

Do Video Conference with Guest Easily

These are the various ways you can include guests in a video conference on Microsoft Teams. The steps are simple, and you only need a browser and internet connection for the process. What are you waiting for? Use Microsoft Teams to video conference with guests with ease.

How Many People Can You Have on Microsoft Teams?

300 people you can have on Microsoft Teams for a regular meeting while a maximum of 20 is supported for video calls. However, you can send Broadcasts to 10,000 people at once.

How to Have a Video Conference Meeting Microsoft Team?

Open the app at the time when a video conference is scheduled to join it. Ensure your device has a working camera, microphone, and the Microsoft Teams app updated to the latest version.

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