How To View Everyone At Once On Microsoft Teams?

Do you need a high-quality video conferencing app for important business meetings? Do you want to attend the interactive lessons without leaving your house? In that case, opting for Microsoft Teams is an excellent idea. In this article, we will talk about how to view all participants in Teams at once or view everyone at once on Microsoft Teams.

Is It Possible to See Everyone at Once on Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams allows a maximum of 250 teams that a single user can create. However, the number of members in a team has an upper limit of 25,000. While the number of participants can be a maximum of 250, it is highly impractical. It is true that the video quality and tone won’t have an effect but showing 250 participants at the same time is counter-productive.

That is why users can switch to the Large Gallery View option in Microsoft Teams Meetings. Here, one can see a maximum of 49 video feeds at the same time. However, ten or more attendees must share the videos to make sure that the Large Gallery View is available.

This is a massive improvement from the previous versions of Microsoft Teams, where you could see only four and then nine participants. However, Microsoft is still exploring this app and intends to introduce new changes soon. We can expect more interesting features in Microsoft Teams shortly.

View Everyone At Once On Microsoft Teams

How to View More Than One Person at Once in Microsoft Teams?

There are multiple steps you need to follow to view multiple people at once in Microsoft teams. Adjusting the number of people is easy and hassle-free. Take a look at the steps –

  • Go to Microsoft Teams.
  • You need to either join or host a meeting.
  • Click on the three dots … icon present on the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, select the Large Gallery option.
    How To View Everyone At Once On Microsoft Teams?
  • Now, you can see all the participants on your screen.

It is essential to understand that ten or more people need to participate in the chat to observe the Large Gallery option.

Microsoft Teams:  View Most Active Member

Microsoft Teams is constantly trying to understand the type of content that the users want to view during the conference. It is an intuitive tool that takes active steps to customize the app for you. For instance, the app forms the assumption that you would want to see the person who is speaking during the meeting. That is why videos of the speakers appear as soon as they start.

The users that you see during the meeting are not chosen randomly. The app tracks the users that are most active to show them. They must either speak, share or chat a lot for Teams to identify them.

Another thing that Microsoft Teams does is that it shows the video of the participant who shares the screen. That is because the app doesn’t want the user to miss anything important.

However, you don’t need to see the presentation all the time. Instead, you can switch to the videos. For that, you just need to press on the video icon of any particular user, and you can see them. This is an excellent way to get the feel of a conference room where you can see other participants and the presentation simultaneously.

How to Pin a Video in Microsoft Teams?

Do you want to view the video of any specific user all the time? In that case, you will need to pin their video in Microsoft Teams. For that, you can follow the steps outlined below –

  1. Select the participant whose video you wish to view.
  2. Right-click on the user name.
  3. Click on the Pin option.

Now, you will see the video pinned on the home page of your screen. You can watch that video till the end of the conference or meeting.

The most interesting aspect is that you can pin more than one person. That is the best solution to make your video viewing experience more customizable. You can pin nine more participants on the home page. Now, these are the only people you can see via your screen.

Are you worried about getting rid of some user whose videos you have pinned? Don’t worry! That’s easy too. Here, all you need to do is click on the video and then press Unpin.

Moreover, the person whose video you pin or unpin won’t get any notifications. That way, you won’t have to worry about any hard feelings.

What to Expect in Coming Microsoft Teams Updates?

The first platform to introduce the concept of viewing multiple participants on video conferencing was Zoom. Inspired by the innovative idea, other companies too started their work. Microsoft Team was an excellent initiative launched to make remote working easier and more efficient.

Wondering about the next update to Microsoft Teams? Even though it is too soon to make any formal statements, there is still something that can be done. People can vote on the matter. User feedback plays a critical role in the up-gradation of the features.

For instance, Microsoft decided to upgrade the number of videos seen from four to nine based on the UserVoice feedback. An option to see every one of the participants on Microsoft Teams has got 40K+ votes.

Voting and influencing others to do the same can aid in rolling out the upgrades sooner rather than later. You can even get notifications on the progress of the upgradation if you submit your email id.

It is vital to understand that Microsoft is actively trying to introduce the best possible solution that benefits everyone. What you can be sure of is that it will soon be available for the public, and then you can try it out immediately!

Get the Most Out of Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool that can be used to improve productivity in remote working. Utilizing Microsoft Teams to enhance work efficiency can aid in excelling in your professional life. Knowing how to view everyone at once on Microsoft Teams can help a great deal.

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