Titanfall’s Creator Explain How Xbox Live Cloud Solves Multiplayer Hosting Problems

We all know that starting with Xbox One, Xbox Live will be completely on cloud and not just for helping gamers connect with each other. But what kind of work it will do and what features and advantages a gamer and a game publisher would get was still unexplained. One of the game publisher, Respawns, the creators of Titanfall has tried explaining this in great details. While we knew most of it, what we didn’t know was how it improved the current situation.

How Xbox Live works as of Now :

When it comes to multiplayer gaming, Xbox Live has really no big job except few features, messaging, connecting  and that’s all. So when a multiplayer game takes place, it’s actually one of the Xbox gamer’s console that does all the hard job for rest of the team mates and if it fails, everything else fails.

Even game publishers now need to host their games in different servers in different countries. So you can imagine every new DLC showing up, managing servers up time for different countries and giving everybody an equal chance to play is a big job.

XBox One Cloud

What is Cloud changing?

Cloud is the Host:

Xbox One is quitting the peer-to-peer model and instead the cloud is to become the host. So instead of deciding which gamer has a great bandwidth and use that as host, now the cloud becomes the host with high bandwidth and less latency.

This way there are three problems solved:

  • No More Laggy Host.
  • Host does not get advantage of more response and being faster compared to others i.e. super low latency.
  • No more “Lost Connection from Host”
  • Host cannot cheat by any means.
  • No more finding new host if current host’s bandwidth expires or they man an exit because of loosing too much.
  • As none of the gamers will be used as Host, chances of finding games will be even more as the cloud has all the bandwidth it can have. This means if you are on a data limit on home connection, you are saving a lot of money.

Faster Game Deployment and Scaling:

Making cloud a host brings all the advantage to you but it still doesn’t solve the problem for game publisher who needs to look for servers around the globe. When Microsoft came to know about this problem, they decided to use their cloud service Azure.

Recent news about Azure seems to be pretty good and with all game publisher having their servers on Azure not only means money for Microsoft but also means less money and resources being spent on managing things and not concentrating on just gaming alone.

  • As Azure can scale automatically this means game publishers wont have to be worried about keeping an eye on this all the time.
  • Azure just doesn’t host but it also allows games to get updated, deployed and transfer things like Physics Calculation, AI to it which was previously done on the host consoles.

The best part of the cloud is that it can be used for any kind of person, some may plan to create an Avatar of you using all your data in the cloud while others may want to do more physics.

All that said, Xbox Cloud service will definitely improve things from the day its announced.  We hope to have even better experience than what we had on Xbox 360. Read more on Respawn

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