HP Folio 1040 Review — An Ultrabook Worth Investing In

When it comes to choosing an laptop, I always look for an Ultrabook which is think and light but still stylish. So when I got the HP Folio 1040, I was pretty impressed because it’s a full blown laptop but very thin and light and I had no hassle carrying it anywhere I wanted to. That said, I have been using the device for over a month and here is the compete review.

HP Folio 1040 G1 Review


The review unit specifications Intel  i7, 4600U / 2.1 Ghz / 4 Gb RAM / 64 Bit / 128 GB SSD

Design and Build:

I have used many ultrabooks from HP but this has become my favorite. It’s a perfect combination of weight, size and build which makes me feel that I should buy it. The metal finish body sizes to only 13.3 in X 9.09 in while the thickness is only ¾ inch with a weight of only 1.5KG makes it a perfect choice for business users or anybody who travel a lot and looking for a powerful machine.

Folio 1040 Curvded Edges

It has curve edges to make sure you feel comfortable holding it and build quality is pretty good. Honestly I did hit the ultrabook against  table corners and even walls, accidentally, but nothing happened and there is no dent either.

The array of powerful speakers are arranged right above the keyboard with power button on the left and Wi-Fi and volume toggle buttons on the left. There is a finger print scanner which is very useful way to restrict access to your data. Right after the keyboard, you have the touchpad.

Folio 1040 Speakers

You have 2 USB 3.0 ports including a USB 3.0 Charging port, media card reader, docking connector, headphone and microphone, Smart Card reader, power connector and heat vent.

Folio Power Cord Side

Foloio Vent Side


The wide screen sizes to 14 inch diagonally and its LED Backlit with antiglare.This make it very comfortable when working for long hours which I am usually in, almost every day. While I did miss the touch experience but Windows 8 is still not mainstream for business users, so I was ok with it.

It houses Intel HD Graphics 4000 and has a resolution of 1600 X 900 which was way to high for me. A personal choice but I would like to see text bigger so you may want to change it.


This is the my favorite feature because the keyboard is backlit making it easy for anybody to work in low light and its smart. I see the backlit getting on only when the light is low. Also it’s a full keyboard which was very comfortable for long hours of work or if you type a lot.

Folio 1040 Keyboard

I have spent almost a month working and writing on it and there is no complain about it. They keyboards are of high quality and even being thin, they are responsive.

The Touchpad without the Click

Its one of the first laptops to have a touchpad where you don’t have the right and left click buttons. Instead HP uses a technology known as Forcepad, where you need to use pressure to simulate right click any where on the touchpad. You can scroll the page up and down with a bit of pressure as well.

Folio 1040 Touchpad

To be very honest, It takes a lot of time to get comfortable with this and I am still hit and miss with it and need more time. Also this is the primary reason why the ultrabook base is so thin!

Battery Life

Expect it to survive anywhere between 10 to 12 hours which is impressive because you don’t get a feel of battery because of its thinness. I have does video edits, lot of typing, a little bit of gaming and lot of music and it just doesn’t die. So if you are looking for an ultrabook which lasts amazingly long, pickup this one.


Business users looking to run some heavy software or video loggers wanting to edit videos on this, time to smile. Its pretty amazing to see how fast video rendering was taking place and since one month there is no problem at all. I never hard to quit because it went slow.


Again, its one of the strong selling features for this ultrabook. It has very loud speaker that you may want to control a bit when in public or meetings. You will really enjoying watching videos and music.

Folio 1040 Speakers

It has integrated stereo speakers powered by SRS PRO Audio™ and integrated dual-microphone array making it to easy to speak without microphone when in call. There is instant mute hardware button which comes in handy all the time. You can also control the volume using the function keys for volume up and down.


HP made sure that business users don’t get disappointed anywhere. The integrated webcam supports 720P which makes sure that your business calls on video doesn’t go unnoticed. The integrated dual-microphone array make sure it works at best with this combination.

Folio 1040 Cam

Supported OS:

I used Windows 7 Professional which woks best for me most of the time but it does with work with Windows 8 Pro as well.

Value for Money

It’s a perfect machine and you pay a similar price for that which is Rs 90,000 onwards. What you get in this price is a beast which can do almost everything for you, specially for business users. You have finger print scanning, you can connect to business-level docks to extend your connection to up to two displays, keyboard, mouse, additional ports, or printer without requiring extra USB connections. Not to forget the webcam is 720P which keeps you sharp for any business meeting.

If you are a consumer, enjoy the long lasting battery life with power speakers, backlit keyboard and amazing display without any trouble to your eyes.

The product is listed here


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