WP HTC Sound Enhancer gets a fix, Returns as Sound Optimization

Sometime in September 2011 HTC pulled its app, “Sound Enhancer”  from the Windows Phone market place shortly after the Windows Phone Mango Update was rolled out  (Source: wpcentral.com).

The cause to remove the app was because,  many users complained, there were many unusual crashes of the Zune music player or even the entire OS on their HTC devices, especially HD7, which was pretty quickly tracked down to be caused by the equalizer app, Sound Enhancer. HTC decided to remove it from the marketplace and promised to re-release it once all bugs got fixed.

HTC Sound Enhancer
Well, almost half a year later, they proved to have kept their word. Sound Enhancer found its way back to the marketplace 2 days ago. Though it’s called “Sound Optimization” now.

Besides the new name and the app now being part of the settings menu rather than being found in the app section of Windows Phone, there are no obvious changes. I can also confirm that even under excessive usage of my Zune player with altered sound settings my HD7 didn’t crash once on me.

Thanks to Mark Tepper (@BinaerJongleur ) for sharing this with us and he is the one who write this article for us as we wanted to the right user to put his experience in word.

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  1. If you still have the old HTC Sound Enhancer app installed, there should be a notification on your marketplace tile about an update called “Sound Optimization”.

  2. That’s the app that I have installed.
    If I do a search in the marketplace, i don’t find anything.
    And about that update notification, that to is missing.
    Perhaps that app is not yet available for all countries or marketplaces.
    P.S. I am from Romania.

  3. Searching for it doesn’t give me any results either. But it appeared as tile notification 2 days ago. You could be right about that region issue though.

  4. Check under your account to find if the app is listed under your purchase history. If yes update from there or reinstall. You can also use the reinstaller app for windows phone to do that.

  5. Yesterday I have updated some apps on my phone.
    Among them was an update for Sound Optimizer.
    After that update, in the Settings menu, the last setting was Sound Enhancer.
    It seems that they have moved it from the Apps menu, to the Settings menu.

  6. Please I have checked everywhere and i even have app reinstaler ,sound optimization or sound enhancer is still not anywhere even in my settings..what is happening i am in Africa and we use this phone alot here..hd7 can anyone help me pls

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