Image Map Plus : Edit EXIF Data on Windows Phone

This one goes for all the Hobby Photographers using Camera or to those who hate to see the way the names of the photographs i.e. WP_007 etc are saved.

The best part of this tool is how it arranged all your images over the map by location. So if you have images which are shot in lot of places, you can see on map where it was taken without breaking your head with latitude and longitude coordinates. You can tap on the image set on any location and then select from thumbnail view to edit an image.

Image Map Plus is an EXIF editor for Windows Phone which allows you to change :

  • Name of the Image
  • Location details to make it either more accurate or to add to those who do not have any info. You can search or Tap.
  • Update Description, Artist, Copyright or add comments.
  • Change Camera Details, You can even search for the particular camera to get more accurate details.
  • A full Info page which gives you all possible details of EXIF Data of the picture.
  • You can load images from Facebook Albums or any where from your Picture Hub.
  • All the images for which data is updated are saved as new image so in case you want to find old info, you still have option to roll back.
  • You can choose to save either in Camera Roll or Saved Albums. Saving into Camera Roll will auto upload to Skydive if you have it enabled.

Screenshot :

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Video Demo

Download from Market Place

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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  1. Link is wrong, it leads to a different app.

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