Implode : Blow up Structures on Windows Phone ( Xbox Live )

[dropcap1]If[/dropcap1] you like mixing physics with some action, Implode is one kind of game you will love to play, specially when it is about blowing up structures using explosives.

The idea of this game is simple, place explosives at right place keeping simple physics in mind and determining according to the structure and finding where you need more power to bring down the structure compared to places where it will follow.

Explosion in Structure

You get max of 3 Bombs which can be placed around the structure and as you get zoom while placing, you can be very accurate on where it goes. Now when it blows, the structure should come down a height which is marked by dotted lines.  So the flatter you make the structure, more points you accumulate.

Implode Graphics and Game Experience :

Graphics are impressive even though they are very simple. You can call them like white lines drawn on green board used in school but even then it is very sharp.

The game uses physics engine which is very much accurate. For example if you haven’t placed enough explosives under a heavy structure, it will not fall under the dotted line and it will fail.

There is no time limit on how quickly you place the bombs  and you can take your time. Also in case you feel everything is wrong, you can remove the bombs already placed and start again.

You can also create your own structures suing the Create Custom which is available in full version.

Implode  Gameplay Video ( Watch on YouTube )

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Implode  Screenshots

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Implode Achievements

  •  4 Zones Unlocked : 10G
  • 10 Zones Unlocked : 10G
  • 15 Zones Unlocked : 10G
  • Implosion Novice : Earn an A+ grade in every level of 4 Zones : 20G
  • Implosion Expert : Earn an A+ grade in every level of 10 Zones : 20G
  • Implosion Grandmaster : Earn an A+ grade in every level of the game : 20G
  • 6 Zones Unlocked : 10G
  • 8 Zones Unlocked : 10G
  • 12 Zones Unlocked : 10G
  • Implosion Apprentioe : Earn an A+ grade in every level of 6 Zone : 15G
  • Implosion Journeyman : Earn an A+ grade in every level of 8 Zone : 15G
  • Implosion Master : Earn an A+ grade in every level of 12 Zone : 23G
  • Architect : Create a custom level : 10 G
  • Implosion 101 : Blow up a building : 10 G
  • Bombs away : Blow up 10 unique buildings : 10G
  • Aoel : Earn your first A+ Grade : 10G
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