How to Import Contacts to Nokia X

When switching to a new phone, the most important feature any mobile user would want to transfer are the contacts. In this tutorial I have explained how you can transfer your contacts to Nokia X from another mobile phone. In some cases you can transfer using Bluetooth right away while in other cases you will have to take help of a computer to get your contacts on the phone.

Create an Email Account:

If you are one of the users who don’t have an email account and don’t use Internet. Skip this.

Nokia X supports contact sync with a corporate account. Those who don’t have one but use Internet, I will suggest to go to and create an account. This will help you manage your contacts in a better way and in future if you ever switch your phone, you can import it quickly.

Import from SIM:

  • On your Nokia X start screen, there is a People App. Launch it.
  • Look for a small menu bar at the bottom in the middle of the screen. Now swipe up.
  • This will open a menu screen which includes an option “Import/Export”. Tap on that.
  • In the next screen, tap on the option which says “import from SIM”
  • Next it gives you option to either import to phone or any of the existing email account.
  • Choose phone if you don’t have an email account. In case you do, as I suggested in first step, use that.

Import Contacts from SIM in Nokia X


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Import from another phone over Bluetooth:

Nokia X doesn’t not have this feature inbuilt but you can use “Contacts Transfer” app from the store to import contacts from other phones over Bluetooth. Once the app is installed follow these steps:

  • Launch the app. If your Bluetooth is not turned on, the app will request for that. Say Yes.
  • Next turn on Bluetooth on your old phone and pair it with Nokia X.
  • Once pairing is done, tap on continue button in the app on Nokia X
  • Select the device from which you want to import.
  • This will request for contacts and next screen should show you number of contacts which will be imported.
  • The same screen should also have option which says “Update Existing Contacts”. This will make sure that all duplicate contacts with same first name and last name are merged together.
  • Tap on continue to complete the process.

Import Contacts to Nokia X over bluetooth


Import from Storage (Applicable to Gmail Contacts as well)

Nokia X support importing contacts which are available as VCF format(vCard). This format is widely supported by phones and online email account. So if you want to import contact from Gmail or any email account, look for exporting contacts in VCF format. So for example, Gmail users can follow this step:

  • Go to and sign-in with your account.
  • On the menu an option is labeled as More. Click on that and select export.
  • Export all your contacts in vCard format.
  • Copy this to your Nokia X SD card after your connect the phone to your PC.
  • Use a file explorer like ASTRO File manager (preinstalled) to locate the file and tap to open.
  • Once you do that, the phone will start importing.

Import VCard or Gmail Contact to Nokia X

Those who are wondering why not Gmail App, then it’s because Nokia X is yet to support them. Also because of different protocols, Nokia X does not have option to import contacts directly from Gmail Account. You can configure it for emails but option to sync contacts is missing.