Install Dell Mobile Connect App on any Windows 10 PC using these steps

Dell first announced the Dell Mobile Connect App at CES 2018 which allowed anybody having an Android or iPhone to connect to their PC and get notifications, hands-free phone calls, messaging, and even screen mirroring. It worked over Bluetooth and is for Dell consumers only. At CES 2020, Dell has announced that you will not need an Android phone to mirror your screen or wirelessly transfer files. It will work with iPhones as well. While Dell Mobile Connect app is only for Dell computers, if you want, you can install it on any Windows 10 PC using the steps below.

Install Dell Mobile Connect App

Install Dell Mobile Connect App on any Windows 10 PC

  1. Enable Developer Mode on Windows 10 PC
  2. Install Dell Drivers
  3. Install Dell Mobile Connect App
  4. Connect the phone with your computer

1] Enable Developer Mode on Windows 10 PC

First, make sure your Windows 10 PC is updated. Next, go to Settings > Update and Security > For Developers, and then turn on Developer Mode. It will allow you to download APPX file from anywhere you want, and install it on your Windows 10 PC. As of now, you cannot install the Dell APP from the Windows store unless you have a Dell PC.

  • Download the .appx package (Dell Mobile Connect App) from here.
  • Once downloaded, double-click to install.
  • You will get a warning and ask for permission. Choose yes to install it.

2] Install Dell Drivers

Dell has its driver, which works on any PC, which uses Bluetooth to connect to the phone. Download the official drivers from the Dell Website here. Once downloaded, double-click to launch it, and you will have two options.

  • One lets you extract; the second enables you to install. Choose Install.
  • Post-installation, you will get an option to open the folder.
  • Inside that folder, look for an EXE file named “DellMobileConnectDriversSetup.exe.”
  • Right-click on this file and select “Run as administrator.”
  • Once complete, you are ready for the next step.

3] Install Dell Mobile Connect App

On your Android phone, install the app from the Google Play Store or if you have an iPhone install it from App Store.

4] Connect the phone with your computer

Dell Mobile Connect App Features

Once installed, you will have to connect it to your PC over Bluetooth. Follow the installation process, and you will be good to go. You will have to choose the type of phone you plan to connect and verify using a security code. You can then receive calls, see text, transfer files and more using it.

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  1. Hi, tk’s for your post.
    my opinion: activate Bluetooth before any installation (otherwise error). Everything works well on my SP4 and iPhone. On the other hand, on the iPhone, the screen must remain activated for sending SMS messages, the Bluetooth must be activated and paired with my SP4. I don’t see or is the real interest, except the fact that we can use the pc keyboard on the smartphone (not test).

  2. Getting an error when I try to install the AppxBundle. I’ve put the device into Developer Mode, but when I try to install the app through the PowerShell, I’m told there’s a problem with the manifest. When I try to just double click, it tells me it can’t parse the package. Any ideas?

  3. Yeah, that’s actually true that feature needs to have Bluetooth enabled. When installing the files, if the Bluetooth is turned off, it does ask you that. That said, The fact that screen must remain active is kind of weird. Why would anyone want that? I am guessing this should be fixed.

  4. Once you installed any old version of the Windows app, the Microsoft Store will allow you to update it to the latest version.

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