How to install Windows 10 v1909 Early (Feature Update)

Microsoft next feature update, Windows 10 1909 is almost on the edge of release. It is available for Windows 10 Insiders and will be available in Release Preview, and RTM is still due in a couple of weeks. As of now, lot og bug bashing is going on where Windows Insiders and Windows Team are finding and fixing a lot of bugs. That said, once this bug fixing is done, you should be able to install the Windows Feature updates without any problem. Here is how to install Windows 10 v1909 Early or any Feature Update.

How to install Windows 10 v1909 Early (Feature Update)

There will be no point using these step post-Windows 10 v1909 Rollout date. In case you still don’t get it, make sure to use it, and then opt-out as soon as possible.

Sign up for Insiders Build, Right Now

This program was made so that users can preview the updates of Windows before they have been released, but they are also a way by which you can get an early Windows 10 v1909 Feature Update.

The program comes with three levels. The Fast and Slow ring will allow you to preview all the updates much before they are ready for everyone. However, these two rings will carry all errors and bugs of the updates that are part and parcel of the early development. The Release Preview ring, however, will not have any of these hassles and will provide you with the latest upgrades before everyone else.

How to install Windows 10 v1909 Early (Feature Update

To get the upgrade, you will have to do the following steps:

  • Open Settings using Win + I, and then navigate to Update and Security > Windows Insider Program
  • Click on Get Started Button
  • To apply the new changes, you will have to restart your device.
  • On the restart, you will have to go back to the Windows Insider Program option and click on it again.
  • You will now have to choose your level as the Release Preview.

How to install Windows 10 v1909 Early (Feature Update

Once done, you will start getting all the new updates before everyone else. However, you will have to wait for 24 hours before your device starts getting these updates. In case you have already enrolled yourself, you might already have the Feature update. Check it by going to Settings > System > About.

Next Step, Stop Insider Preview Builds

Release Preview is probably the safest way to get all the updates. Now that you already have the Windows 10 v1909 Feature Update, it is wise to step off out of the Insider Preview build before Microsoft starts rolling out builds for the next major update.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click the Upgrade and Security button available.
  • You will now have to click on the Windows Insider Program.
  • Next, you need to select the Stop Insider Preview Builds button.
  • You will get an option Keep giving me builds until the next Windows release, click on it.
  • Click on the Restart button and then the Restart Now button which will restart your device and change the savings.

You should make sure to choose the option to get builds till next Windows Release to make sure any bug fixes that gets rolled out is also available for you. Once Windows Windows 10 v1909 Feature Update goes live, all this will stop automatically.

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