How to Install Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Microsoft had announced Windows Phone 8.1 to the world last week at the BUILD conference. They also announced that a Preview for Developers Program will available  in April similar to the one they rolled out when GDR3 was launched last year. Event though it is called ‘Preview for Developers’ any Windows Phone 8 user can get by following the simple instructions in this email. The program will allow you to install the 8.1 update early on any Windows Phone 8 device and get updates before the carriers and also before Nokia releases their Nokia Cyan update.


How to Install Windows Phone 8.1?

As we said before this is a developers preview which means you need to have a developer account. Unless you are a real developer, you might not be interested in signing up the Microsoft Developer site by paying a $19 fees. But for a normal user, you can still get a free developer account. Here is how to do it.


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  1. Sign up for Microsoft’s App Studio: which is free of cost, using your Microsoft ID which is used on your phone and allow them to register your email address. Once you have the confirmation on the account created, now you need to install an app on your phone.
  2. Install the Preview for Developers app and then sign in with the same ID which you used to create the App studio account in step 1.
  3. Now you can see an option “Enable Preview for Developers”, check the option and click done.
  4. That’s it. You are now enrolled to the developers program. Now when the update is released, Go to Settings-> Phone Updates and click check for updates button and you will be able to see the updates.

Enable preview

FAQs on Windows Phone 8.1 Developers Preview:

  1. Windows Phone 8.1 preview will work on all Windows Phone 8 devices including Lumia 520, 525, HTC 8X, Samsung ATIV etc. It will not work on first generation phones like Lumia 800 and Lumia 900.
  2. Once you have installed it update, you cannot roll it back to previous update.
  3. It will not damage your phone or cause any issues.
  4. The update will not factory reset your phone or wipe off the data in the phone.
  5. When the final Windows Phone 8.1 update is rolled out, you can still install the update the same way.
  6. Cortana is enabled only for US. If you want to enable it on your phone, follow up this link

About Nirmal

Nirmal is a big fan of Windows phone ever since it was released. He started off with Nokia Lumia 800 and then got the Lumia 920. Presently he owns the Lumia 730 and Lumia 930.


  1. When will this coming? Still not coming to my phone.

  2. Does WP 8.1 preview runs on 525 without any issues. Ashish help me

    • This will run on all Windows Phone 8 devices, but be warned that this is a preview build and you might see issues. So if you are ok with it, you can install.

      • after installing the preview for developers i’ve installed the first two updates then when im downloading the third update it is getting downloaded till 50 odd percent and telling update cannot be downloaded, the same has being repeated even if i try again,can you please tell me whats the problem?

  3. is this avilable in india for lumia 520

  4. I’ve installed WP 8.1 OS on my 720… Now mobile performance is really worst..
    It takes much time to get photos loaded.. There r many drawbacks.. Many apps r not opening at all..
    Battery life has been dropped drastically.

    Now how can I improve my lumia performance ?? :(

    • If apps are the issue, then the migration is not proper. What you can do is to install any new keyboard or language pack from the settings. This will force an update which will rectify the app issue. Well, regarding battery performance, check the new Battery app and moreover this is a preview and we cant complain much as this is not a forced update.

    • go from win 8 agin.otherwise wait 1 or 2 month.

  5. “RE: It will not damage your phone or cause any issues.”

    Refer to Section 7.c. at

    I am not entirely convinced that waiving off support for the phone is a healthy choice for the regular mortal user.

    • Well, cant blame them. Some operator which have phones in contract have this issue of warranty and support. But this will go off once you install the final version.

  6. Hey Nirmal, I have updated my lumia 520 twice to windows phone 8.1 using the same steps. Still the phone is not updated. need help.

    • hi bro… just follows all this steps and then change a your reign and language as English ( united state )then go back and update your phone normally … three updates are available there ….

      • HI Bro. I am using Lumia 520. I am unable to update to 8.1. I am able to update first one which is completed in minutes and when i do for second update … I could see error “update was downloaded. but coudn’t start ( 810881d). Could you please suggest way forward.

        • Suggest you to connect to a faster internet connection or try again. I had same error and only when I connected to faster internet connection it worked

      • bro not in india for 520 update 8.1

    • hello ashish sir,i have lumia 630,i created an account in microsoft app studio and installed preview for developer app on my phone from store.i checked for phone updates but it is giving 80072ee2 error everytime i try to update it.
      please help…

  7. cannot enable preview for developers app, i’m not able to check the checkbox need help

  8. hi.. i’m just try to update my L520
    follow the instruction.. sign to developer n update
    i’ve got same error as you receive
    try to make some space at your local storage
    now, the error was missing
    n installing wp 8.1 was in process.
    o, i installing 2 update of wp 8 before i’ts tell me to instal wp 8.1

  9. I have extended warranty of my phone. And suppose, I install the windows 8.1 OS in my Lumia 520.. It is likely to void my warranty. But once the final update is available from Nokia, will I be able to install that update and again be covered in warranty ?

  10. I have an issue with my lumia 520. I downloaded and installed the 8.1 preview.My mobile,it rebooted and restarted….but its been a day my phone is switching off and restarting everytime…it even didnt get started after the reboot…what will i do?what is the issue?

  11. ashish sir ,i m too tensed i had instal windows phone update through preview for developer app, on my nokia lumia 720,but i am having lot of issues with it , would i will be able to install once again when the official update will be availble for general customer,i m feeling sad that why i have done this in my excitement .my phone sometimes hang ,many app are lagging…..will this void my warranty till the official update is available..??pls ,sir reply me….utkarsh

    • Hey Utkarsh,

      Yes, till the final update goes live, you just cannot take it to support center. Did you try resetting the phone and see if it works?


      • thanx … sir for reply in this preview update ,the apps which are lagging would be working fine in official update i.e. wp 8.1?,,, and after official release of 8.1 update by nokia will i be able to run again as i am having preview update as well

      • ashih sir lumia 520 cyan update available in india sir???

  12. lumia 520 cyan update available in tamilnadu???

  13. Please anyone tell me m update my lumia 520 two time but still i get old window black, i can’t get window 8.1

  14. How can i get 8.1 update?even though we can do from preveiw for devolopers the app says that the warranty wil be can u help me in getting windows 8.1 without getting my warranty voided

  15. i have updated my phone. but still my phone works on lumia Black. Now Reading warranty issues after updating developer version, i am not willing to update. the update which i had installed previously for windows 8.1, is affect my LUMIA 525 performance and service center people can know about this installion..??
    Can i uninstall Developer preview software..?? does it harm my mobile..???

  16. Hi guys, I have a Lumia 1320 and have registered for developers preview. I’ve signed in through the developers app and enabled preview for developers. My phone updated one step which took a few minutes. But it is still on WP8. Each time I tried to check for updates I get this error “we are currently unable to check for updates (80072ef1)”. Please can someone help me get through. Or is the preview for developers not available for all region? NIGERIA in particular. Thanks.

    • Seems like you only have the first update which prepares for WP 8.1 update. I will suggest to keep checking on it. MS might have blocked it.

  17. Hi!!!! myself Raj Sharma and i have lumia 520, i installed preview for developers than update but no changes in my mobile like 8.1 so plzzzz a suggestion what should i do???

    • Couple of updates prepare your phone for the 8.1 update, so there wont be any visible changes. Third update(in my case) was actually the 8.1 update.

  18. I have an HTC 8xt and I was able to install the first part of the update but when going to install 8.1 it says its up to date, can anyone help?

  19. helo….win8.1 is avilabile in lumia 525 ??

  20. when win8.1 will be in bangladesh
    has it bangla keybord….

  21. Couple of updates prepare your phone for the 8.1 update, so there wont be any visible changes. Third update(in my case) was actually the 8.1 update.

    Updated Lumia 720 to 8.1

  22. I updated my lumia 520 to 8.1 through preview fr developers by setting language and region to US and I am in India but now it’s not switching on…. what to do?

  23. will only developers can install wp 8.1 or anybody with wp 8

  24. In how many times the window 8.1 update will be done? I have tried 2 times but still window 8.1 update is coming.

  25. I updated my lumia 920 to windows 8.1.
    Now when i download or update anything from the store it shows error 80070005.
    pls help……

  26. I tried to update my Lumia 525 to Win 8.1, i followed the above mentioned steps but my phone after successful installation also my phone didn’t boot with new 8.1. So i did the same again again but my didn’t upgrade to Win 8.1. Anyhelp would be appreciated greatly.

  27. sir, i tried my lumia 525 update to win8.1 after installation it need certificate after after download certificate and open it says add company account when i add company account it need to make domain,server,username how can i do pls help me sir

  28. Hello Ashish Sir,

    I just installed windows 8.1 developers on my Lumia 920 and its working fine.
    The new features are very nice.
    I would like to know whether i would be able to install the original Windows 8.1 when it is released and whether i would get the warranty back again after installing the Final/Original OS?

  29. Is it availbale in,1020 lumia ??

  30. Hi my name is shashank. I updated my lumia 520 from win 8 to 8.1 3 months ago by using preview for developers app. I checked the software release in “extras +info” option. it’s stil showing ‘Lumia Black’ isn’t it ‘Lumia Cyan’?
    please reply friends.

    • I have a Nokia Lumia 620 which I upgraded to 8.1 (using the developer preview). The software release in “extras + info” also shows as Lumia Black. How/when can I upgrade it to Lumia Cyan????

  31. I have nokia lumia 625, but still i wont got update of 8.1

  32. i have also lumia 525 & m also want to upgrade my OS 8 to 8.1so plz ashis sir tell me how it is can i do it

  33. is nokia lumia 520 windows 8.1 update are avlable in bangladesh?how could i update my windows phone in 8-8.1?my phone model is nokia lumia 520

  34. Not a single issue, had the update when cortana was first announced and it ran seamlessly I mean it was perfect until my phone stopped charging, but it wasnt due to 8.1…

  35. i can only share the preview for developer…how can i download it??

  36. i have download preview for developers, but there was a massage (to download the preview, you must be registered as a windows phone developer) & done only. no where click options for (enable preview for developers) please do something.

    • Go to Appstudio.windowscom and register with the same Microsoft email id you are using on Windows Phone. That should solve the problem.

  37. hi guys i have aet and send sms from my problem in my lumia 625 after upgraded to 8.1 i am not able to get and send SMS from my mobile.

  38. thnx a lot NIRMAL bro, this was extremely helpful, cheers bro :)

  39. after update 8.1 window my 520 Noika is not working.
    It showing error msg whenever I have update any apps
    Error msg is “window mobile this error code may be helpful 80070005” .

    plz help me if any one facing this problem

  40. please help… i have completed the two steps of the phone update succesfully but when try for the third one, it didn’t even start, it remain stuck to 0%…what should iu do…?

  41. hi i am using nokia lumia 625 and i updated my phone to cyan …i cant find mobile network option in my settings ..pls help me

  42. lumia 800 please….

  43. Works perfectly with HTC 8S. Maybe a doing a factory reset first is recommended. At least that was what I did. The 8S doesn’t have any problems with wp 8.1. So why does HTC obstruct the 8.1 upgrade?

  44. i have htc 8s. I download the wp 8.1 update. But i can’t install it. It says, ‘update has been downloaded, but could not open’….
    Plz….help me sir….

  45. i updated my device lumia 520 and after downloading the updates it is taking more then 12hours to install it and still in progress…
    please help me out…

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