Intel to deliver ARM Chips by end for the Year

Looks like Qualcomm and Intel are going to meet each other at the crossroads.

Intel has announced that it’s going to bring its ARM chips by end of the year. This is going to be a big achievement for Intel as right now it rules the PC market, but with this, they might put their first step into Smartphone market.

Right now, Qualcomm rules when it comes to mobile processors, and they are in works with ARM processor which will power the future Windows 10 devices. Microsoft had made a big bet on this.

ARM is extending its partnership with Intel’s foundry business to build IP tailored for the X86 giant’s 22nm FinFET node. They will deliver IP to enable a Cortex-A55 geared for midrange smartphones to run up to 2.35 GHz or down to 0.45V in its so-called 22FFL process. This new  10 nm 3.5 GHz processor will feature 100 million transistors while still only consuming 0.25 mW/Mhz.


Its become clearer now that ARM is going to be the future no matter who builds it. It’s going to make it possible to bring new form factors, reduce the size of the devices, make it possible to have longer battery life, and so on. That said, EETimes also report that

Intel will not selling these chips themselves, but rather manufacturing them for other OEMs. Intel has been courting Apple, in particular, to steal the business away from rival Qualcomm.

We recently reported that Qualcomm is on the verge of being acquired by Broadcom, and since Apple is their primary consumer, it’s going to be a tough road for Qualcomm for sure. Well, tough in the sense it’s going to be a solid competition between the companies as Intel also aims to get Apple as one of their customers.

It will be interesting to see how both Qualcomm and Intel made sure that both their ARM chipsets arrive by end of the year. Interesting times ahead.

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