Interesting Online Game Mechanics That May Be of Interest to Players Who Do Not Like PVP

Many online games rely on PvP because it is a natural result of leveling and upgrading a character to find out who is the strongest and most equipped player and who will dictate the game’s rules on the server.

For players who do not like to replay the same dungeons on their own to get the best equipment, you can order mythic carry wow – where professional players will go through the raid as many times as necessary so that you get the best equipment on the server and guarantee victory every time you enter the dungeon.

But not all game projects are geared towards wrestling. In World of Warcraft, despite the main component – the struggle between the Alliance and the Horde factions and constant PVP on the continent, you can safely play and use absolutely non-conflict mechanics to earn gold and just farm, benefiting the server and enjoying your peaceful coexistence with other players.

Online game mechanics

Profession system

In World of Warcraft, the development of professions has reached a new level in the Dragonflight update. So, you can be a completely peaceful artisan with your specialization and materials, never pick up a sword, and simultaneously, the best players on the server will fight with equipment created by your hands.

You can choose only two professions for development, and given that they are divided into gathering and creating, it would be pretty logical to take a bunch to be able not only to produce items but also to be able to get everything you need to create and have a complete cycle of crafting and earning gold.

Tailoring and Inscription are two creation professions, but since tailoring does not require a particular profession to extract materials, it is better to take the Inscription to be able to make not only magic armor but also weapons and close requests for equipment from battle mages and healers.

Mining and Forge – Buy a pickaxe and mine ore from rocks to smelt into ingots and craft steel armor, weapons, and utility tools for tanks, warriors, and other crafters.

Collection of herbs and alchemy – collect everything that blooms in the game locations to brew various potions later. The most popular are potions of healing and energy replenishment. You can also make potions to attack and reduce the parameters of opponents and cause periodic damage.

Jewelcrafting and mining are other excellent pairings. In the rocks, gems are periodically found, which are needed to create jewelry with enhanced characteristics relevant for all classes to combat magical attacks.

Skinning and Leatherworking – Use a knife to skin animals and obtain leather, which will be used to craft light armor and valuable tools for other crafters.

Fishing and cooking are an exciting combination. First, they do not take up professional slots and can be researched further. Secondly, they are very profitable. Fishing allows you to catch and convert fish into reagents and use them in cooking, while cooking allows you to prepare dishes for all players that will increase their characteristics. An experienced chef can feed many players by having a feast and getting a lot of gold and experience from his craft.

Orders and specialization

Professions can bring good profits, demand, and, most importantly, passive pumping. Al is needed to use the order system to realize your skills.

Track the orders’ list and requirements and take everything that suits your conditions into work. The game system fixes the execution, so cheating is excluded for both sides of the transaction. The finished item will be handed over to the customer, and you will receive your fee and an increase in the level of the profession.

Another good way to earn money is to craft valuable tools that will increase the characteristics of crafting professions in other areas.

Blizzard Entertainment came up with an exciting scheme – you can create some items that expand the possibility of a profession yourself, but representatives can only make some of another profession. Therefore, each skill is now dependent on others, and through the order system, you can produce valuable items for other craftsmen and earn money on it.

As for specialization, you can go deep in the direction of developing your craft and become a truly rare specialist.

For example, blacksmiths focusing on gunsmithing will make the best swords but will not be famous for their tools.

You can also change the characteristics of other items. For example, a sword for a warrior can be converted into a sword for a paladin, retaining its strike potential but enhancing additional characteristics for a specific class that will turn to you for help.

Gradually, you will be able to learn all the specializations. Still, it will take much more time than the first, so choose the most exciting and profitable direction.

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