Internet Explorer Coming To Xbox 360 This Fall; Xbox Music Service For Xbox and Windows 8 Also Announced

Along with a bunch of new games and SmartGlass, Microsoft has also announced a new re-branded Music service (Remember Zune?) for the Xbox, and its upcoming Windows 8/WP8 platform, along with Internet Explorer for Xbox! Yeah, Microsoft has finally released Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 after what apparently seems like ages.

Internet Explorer on IE

Since people usually don’t have a keyboard lying around in their living room, they can use their phone or tablet as a keyboard via the Redmond company’s SmartGlass feature. Alternatively, they can also use Kinect’s voice and gesture control as well to control IE right from their couch. Internet Explorer will be available to all Xbox 360 owners as an update sometime this fall.

Xbox Music

The new Xbox music service will be available for the Windows 8 platform as well. The Xbox Music app for the console has a metro dominated UI, and includes some of the features found in Zune including SmartDJ. At launch, the service will consist of more than 30 million tracks.

More Images at Xbox Press

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