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iTunes is coming to the Windows Store

Wait, what? iTunes is making its way to the Windows Store? Yes, you read that right, Today at Build, Microsoft made a very surprising, mostly unexpected announcement. The company revelead that iTunes will soon be coming to the Windows Store.

This is a very good news if you were planning on buying a Surface Laptop running Windows 10 S, but worried about the sync because you had an iPhone. With iTunes making its way to the Windows Store, people rocking an iPhone do not have to worry about syncing their iPhones, because now you can do!


We recently reported that Spotify will be making its way to the Windows Store. But iTunes coming to the Store is a big deal. Now, you’ll get full iTunes experience, including Apple Music streaming and iPhone syncing on your Windows 10 S PCs as well. Who cares about Chrome anyway.

Alongside iTunes, Microsoft also revealed that SAP’s Digital Boardroom (as a web app), Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and Fedora will also be headed to the Windows Store.

has been writing about technology ever since he bought his first smartphone back in 2010. He loves exploring the technical aspects of new gadgets and reporting them in a jargon free manner. Being a Windows user for a decade, he also likes to keep close tabs on Microsoft and its products.



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