Here is Why Kaspersky called off Windows 10 Antivirus Antitrust Action against Microsoft

Microsoft, Windows 10 and the popular Russian Antivirus maker Kaspersky had never been on good books together. It became even worse when Microsoft decided to include an inbuilt antivirus into Windows 10 which is useful in case subscription or the trail of the third-party anti-virus expires. This led Kaspersky to file an Antitrust case against Microsoft. They claimed that Microsoft has been playing unfairly, and had removed third party antivirus during Windows 10 Installation, and Upgrade.

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Microsoft in Russia and Europe after the company agreed to make changes to Windows 10 that will help third-party antivirus makers prepare their products for significant Windows updates and ensure compatibility. The major problem most of the third party antivirus developers faced was not having enough time to make their software compatible with Windows 10 release.

Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has announced changes that will not only help  Kaspersky, but everyone to get ready. Microsoft has promised:

  • The company will work closely with all antivirus vendors to resolve the compatibility issue before major updates. The next update is due in September.
  • Not only this, but Microsoft will more time in advance to vendors to try, and test their software, and resolve all the issues.
  • Third Party Antivirus software will be able to send alerts, through Windows 10 Notifications, that the software is about to expire or is already expired.
  • Windows will also make sure to notify the consumers if there is no antivirus program is active. This notification will stay on until either the third party software is active again or the user switches to Windows Defender.
Kaspersky has released a statement where they said that they are happy with the changes, and will get their software ready for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.  You can read the full release here,
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