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Kaspersky Launches Free Version of its Anti-Virus to Compete with Windows Defender

Looks like Windows Defender has got on the nerves of the popular Anit-Virus company, Kaspersky, which has been pretty much knowing for a statement against the Windows 10 inbuilt antivirus, the WindowsDefender. The company has released a free version of their product and hopes that it will help the users get a clear idea of their product, and also increase the user base for them.

The free product will offer file, email and web antivirus, automatic updates, self-defense, quarantine, which are the basic feature every anti-virus offers. However, there will be some major features missing which include Parental Control, Online Payment Protection, VPN. Just so you should know, Parental control is inbuilt into the Windows 10 OS with the integration of Live Services.

The company is trying to put itself in the same league as the Defender, but there are lot many features that come with Defender including Offline Scanning. We will get into a comparison with it when the software becomes available.

The company is rolling out over the world in coming four months.

  1. Starts with U.S.A., Canada, and many Asia Pacific countries in First Wave.
  2. September: India, Hong Kong, Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Latin America.
  3. October: Europe, Japan, and South Korea.
  4. November: Vietnam and Thailand.

More here. | via MSPU

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