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Keep These in Mind Before Buying an Xbox One

It has now been close to a decade that the world has been introduced to the magic of Xbox One. But, even when it has been so many years, some novice gamers give in to the peer pressure of getting an Xbox One without realizing everything that comes with it. Well, if you are one of them who is likely going to have a hard time choosing the right model and option, here is a definitive guide to choosing the best Xbox console and a cheap Xbox one controller.

Keep These in Mind Before Buying an Xbox One

Digital downloads and storage

Before buying an Xbox One, familiarize yourself with digital downloads and storage. All the Xbox One titles are available for digital downloads ever since the day of their release. Moreover, Microsoft has also confirmed the fact that the users can seamlessly connect an external device to the Xbox to bump up the storage by up to 500 GB storage, which is nothing short of massive.

Cable box integration

Another factor worth considering before buying an Xbox one is the cable box integration. The Xbox console comes with an HDMI connection that allows you to connect it to the cable box and then connect it to your television. This gives you a bigger screen to play on and even switch between different games without any hassle. The Xbox One comes with its programming guide, known as the One Guide, to help the user establish their setup.

Focus on the dashboard

The dashboard of the Xbox one is a reflection of you. This means that you get to sort out everything according to your needs on the gaming dashboard, and it allows the gamers to set up to 25 pins and set some of the favorite games and applications all on the dashboard for easier access. This is extremely handy when you have people around you trying to play a game, and you need to whip out the best one within seconds.

Windows 10 users

Not many users know about this, but the Xbox one works better for Windows 10 users with heightened user experience and media sharing. It also comes with a separate SkyDrive app that assembles all your images and videos to the console for an easier user experience. The users with Windows also get 7 Gbs of storage for free, which is a bonus. Another benefit that the users get from this is the play to feature, enabling the users to stream video and music directly.

Video Chat

Well, who would’ve thought, right? With Xbox one, you do get the option to video chat separately with Skype, which comes in handy for several users around. The users do need to use the Kinect camera for the same. So, make sure that you are aware of the same.

These are some of the important factors that you should be aware of before buying yourself an Xbox One. We hope this guide comes in handy for beginners who have never owned a gaming console before.

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