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Kinectimals : First Game that switches between Xbox and WP

Though many of you might have already played Kinectimals, a cute game which lets you train animals and play with them, available for Windows Phone and Xbox but did you notice that if you the game both for xbox and windows phone, you can switch  from Windows Phone to Xbox or vice versa and continue your game there. Here a video that shows how it is done : ( Skip video to 1:42 )

When you want to switch do the following :

  • Hit Pause in the game on your Windows Phone
  • Next you will get option which says Kinectvity and then you will have options for Transfer from Xbox 360 and Transfer to Xbox 360.
  • Choose accordingly and you will get a QR code which you need to show it before the Kinect once you have launched the game on your xbox.
  • You need to find Scan Stone Option to use this. Scan Stone is a magical stone which teleports the animal from here to there :P
  • Done that the animal will be transferred and you can carry on.

This is something really awesome because what I am thinking next is if I want to move my gamertag from one Xbox to another, instead of such lengthy process or even recover this using my Windows Phone, I can use this and it can bring in all my profile to another phone using my Windows Phone.

And if this Kinectvity gets integrated in Kinect for Windows, then you might be transferring your game state to a tool on Windows, which uses Kinect SDK and do some modification and send it back to your windows phone or xbox again.

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