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Lava Announces “TwinPad” 2-in-1 Windows 10 Hybrid Laptop

Surface has finally kicked off the tradition, and inspire OEMs to build Laptops which can also server purpose of tablets. The latest in this series is “Twinpad” from Indian OEM Lava.

Lava Twinpad Windows 10


As the name suggests, its a 2-in-1 device powered by Intel’s Baytrail-T Quad-core Processor which is clocked at 1.83 GHZ. It includes 7th generation Indel HD Graphics, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, and runs Windows 10. When it comes to display, it houses a 10.1 inch HD (1280×800) IPS display. To make sure you don’t miss on video call experience, it includes a 2MP rear and front camera. The internal storage is 32GB only, and one can expand it using microSD card by another 64GB. Twinned includes 7400 mAh battery Li-ion battery. Twinpad is very light. Total weight of Keyboard and Tablet is little over 1.1Kg.

My Opinion:  

Internal Storage and Camera specs are way too less. While the former can still be adjusted using microSD card, camera has no other solution than investing in  new webcam which comes no cheap. IMO, the front camera should have been at least 5 MP. The tablet also includes a Windows Logo button which adds to the bezel space.

Unique Features:

What Lava is trying to do here is delivering a product which is better than tablet, close to a PC, but still costs less. You should be able to use it both for play and work. To make sure you can TwinPad includes 3G SIM support, Tablet can be faced in any direction (This is something which I had missed on Surface Pro 4).

Twinpad will cost you Rs 15,999, but as of now there are no details on availability.  More at the official website

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