Lava TwinPad Review | 2-in-1 Windows 10 Device

Lava launched TwinPad only a few days ago, and its price range and 2-in-1 form factor has drawn good attention. Keeping mind its hardware configuration, and portability, this is largely meant for casual usage, and a great companion if you are looking for a travel netbook with tablet. I tested this for over a week, and here is my Lava TwinPad Review.

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How far can you tilt?

While you can tilt the screen to a great extent, the whole setup gets unstable, specially if you are using it on your lap or any un-even surface. The reason is that tablet is heavy, and the keyboard cannot counter that weight. When using it as tablet for watching movies, you can attach it  the reverse way. This arrangement works like a stand for the tablet. It’s obvious you cannot use the keyboard that way.

Lava Twinpad Review Tilt Angle

How is the build quality of keyboard & tablet ?

Keyboard: It is actually great. It’s almost a full fledge keyboard which includes function keys as well. Its little compact though which means you will take sometime to get used to it. The keyboard is all metal, and its very sturdy.

The rig over which tablet connects to the keyboard is built of plastic, and is tough to rotate if the tablet is not attached. Its done on purpose so you don’t break it.

Lava Twinpad Review Keyboard

Trackpad: It is small, and you will need a bit of time to get used to it. Overall its ok, but It was little difficult  to use gestures.

Tablet: The same goes for tablet as well. The rear is completely metal, aluminium, which makes sure accidental bumps wont damage your tablet. The only drawback is the section which holds the camera is plastic built.  Since the tablet is heavy, when you detach, the plastic bends which loosens the grip, and makes it susceptible to break.

Lava Twinpad Review

No Solid Locking Mechanism:

Many a times I have accidentally detached the tablet when trying to close the lid down. The same happens when trying to undock, and it comes out partially. Magnetic attachment would have actually served it better than just physic as the tablet is heavy.

Do you need to rely on keyboard for ports and connectivity ?

You get one USB port, audio port, microUSB, hdmi out, microSD slot, SIM Slot on the tablet alone. This makes sure you don’t need to attack a keyboard when you are connecting with devices on the go.  You can connect external hard disk, USB devices, and so on. The keyboard comes with one USB port as well.

Lava Twinpad Review Ports

How is the display ?

The device houses a 10.1 inch IPS LCD screen with 1280 X 800 Display. While the overall brightness level, and colour reproductions looks decent , the amount of reflection both indoors and outdoors is distracting when doing work or watching videos. On top of this, the screen is a huge fingerprint magnet.

Lava Twinpad Review Fingerprint Magnet Display

When using it as a tab, it was more convenient to adjust angle so the reflections drop, but when using it as laptop, I have to mostly keep it straight up which is very incontinent. The other option is to rather work in place with little less light. This means, using it as a travel companion could get tricky sometimes. Viewing angles are ok for those who want to watch movies with friends & family

Lava Twinpad Review Display Viewing Angle

How is the performance ?

This is probably the most important question that needs to be answered. When I was trying it out, I did not like mostly because it was small, but then I cannot generalize it based on what I feel.
  • It is a great solution for those looking for a portable factor with option to use their device as a tablet, but still want to get their work done on the go.  It’s a netbook with tablet form factor.
  • When used for browsing, I did not face any problem until the tab count went high.
  • Media consumption was rock solid on this device.
  • This is not for high-end gaming, video rendering or anything that needs to test your patience or hammer the processor.

Lava’s Twinpad runs on Windows 10 Home Single Language out of the box. The pre-bundled software that is available on the device is Office 365 which gives you access to Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Follow up with the steps to activate your subscription.

Talking about the hardware specs, it is powered by Intel’s Baytrail-T (Quad-core ),clocked at 1.83 GHz with integrated Intel HD graphics. You get 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage of which only 12 GB is available. Make sure to use a microSD Card (class 10) if you wish to install more apps, and carry media. It also supports 3G.

Are speakers great for media consumption?

There are two front speaker, and they are terrible. Even on full volume it was  difficult to hear anything. I was using earphones most of the time.

How long does the battery last?

When using as a notebook, I enjoyed 5-6 hours of battery life where I used it mostly for apps, using browser, writing posts like this, and other casual usage. IMO this is more than enough for a netbook of this form factor. When using just as a tablet, and consuming movies, and online videos you will get around 4 hrs of battery life. This is just for watching videos.

One big drawback here is charging the device to 100%. It takes a lot of time. I had to put on charge for at least 3-4 hrs to completely charge it. You can also use microUSB charger with this.

How is the Stylus?

The stylus does not come along with the package, and it wasn’t in the review unit sent to us. If I get my hands on the Stylus, we will add the details here along with a separate video.

Who should buy it?

If you travel a lot, and are looking for a laptop which keeps you entertained, comes with small form factor, but does get your editing job well, this is what you should buy. However make sure to keep the disadvantages in mind.

Where to Buy from ?

Buy Lava twinpad 10.1-inch 2-in1 Touchscreen Laptop with Active Stylus from Amazon India.

  • Design and Build - 9/10
  • Display - 7/10
  • Camera - 4/10
  • Performance - 8/10
  • Battery - 8/10
  • Music and Speakers - /10
  • Value for Money - 8/10