Leaked OneDrive Client shows the New Interface on Windows

OneDrive Client is probably the better one compared to the universal app, and looks like Microsoft is adding a bit of UI improvement to it. Well its nothing to be very excited about as its …well very tiny.


Revealed by @vitorgrs, here, and here. You need to first install the leaked client, and then add a registry entry to get the new interface. The new pop-up UI lists recent changes, gives you access to open the OneDrive folder on your PC, and link to settings. Yeah, thats why I said it was tiny.

Now before you go ahead, and do it, we aren’t taking any responsibility if something goes wrong.

Download & Install the new OneDrive client

You first need to have the latest version of OneDrive, the 17.3.6720.1207:

  1. Download the installer of the new client from this link
  2. Run the installer you just downloaded and wait for the installation.

Activating new IU OneDrive

Clicking on the OneDrive you should see the new user interface. If it doesn’t work, you need to edit the registry using the file given below. It’s one click, but stay warned that you better be aware that its a registry change that may or may not mess up your PC. So do it at your own risk. 

  1. Download the registry file from the link.
  2. Run / Open the file you just downloaded.
  3. When asked to Open File – Security Warning, click Run.
  4. At the request of User Account Control click Yes.
  5. When asked to continue as part of the ‘Registry Editor, click Yes.
  6. The request for entry of values was successful on the part of ‘Editor click OK Registry.

Now click on the OneDrive icon, and you should see the new UI.

via WindowsBlogItalia

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