Screenshot : Windows Phone 8 SDK Details about Windows Phone 8 Features

Recently Windows Phone 8 SDK accidentally popped up over the Internet and seems like have got it hands over it and posted the screenshot of the WP8 Emulator. Looking at them and if its all true, here are few set of features you can expect from Windows Phone 8

Messaging Settings :

  • Messaging : Text message Backup
  • SMS / MMS Delivery Confirmations
  • Send MMS acknowledgement

Lock Screen Customization :

  • Notifications
  • Two Types : Detailed Status & Quick Status
  • One App to show detailed status
  • Five Apps for Quick Status

Phone :

  • Move pictures to SD Card

Background :

  • More Accent Colours
  • Choose background which can be Bing or any picture from Phone

Tap & Send :

  • NFC Sharing

Cellular :

  • New mode : Global Mode
  • APN for MMS
  • SIM Applications

Phone Storage

  • It displays SD Card memory usage
  • Option to store Music , Video & Pictures  on to Phone or SD Card

Backup :

  • Application List + Settings
  • Text Message Backup
  • Photos + Videos

Language + Region :

  • Phone Language
  • Country Region
  • Regional Format
  • Button to Restart Phone
  • Browser and Search Language

Speech / Tell Me Settings :

  • Use Speech when the phone is locked
  • Play Audio Confirmation
  • Read Aloud incoming text message can be set for Bluetooth
  • Speech can activate Voice Enabled Apps,

App Purchase Protection :

  • Wallet Pin to protect App purchase and music purchase.

Internet Explorer 10 :

  • Address bar / button can be use to access Favorites,  Tabs or can be used to refresh / stop.
  • Microsoft Data Sense will be used in Windows Phone 8 which will help you reduce data usage. Think it like caching mechanism.
  • It is possible to block cookies from some of the website.

Map Features :

Windows Phone 8 is expected to have Nokia Map integration with offline support but looking at the images, its still not clear but these are few things you can expect Maps to have :

  • Developers will be able to use maps to use with their maps. This is something what Nokia was talking about on API and & Wallet API.
  • Day and Night Maps


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