LetsTrack Prima Car GPS Tracker Review

When you have a chauffeur driven car, it becomes important to know where your car is, and how long it stayed in a place. In India, its common practice to hire an unknown driver from the center. While most of the time it is safe, and but if the person is not genuine, he might steal your car. Today, I am talking about a car GPS tracker(real-time)–LetsTrack Prima–which can give a lot more detail about your car location. Check out LetsTrack Prima Car GPS Tracker Review.

LetsTrack Prima Car GPS Tracker Review

LetsTrack Prima Car GPS Tracker Review

LetsTrack has brought LetsTrack Prima in India, last year, and I got it installed 2 weeks back. The results have been impressive, and it does the job well. I know where my car is, how long it stayed at a particular place, and so on. The cost of Letstrack Prima is 7499, with one year warranty and it comes with a yearly subscription plan of Rs 1200. The company offers a variation of the device. Some of them can directly plug into your card On-board diagnostics (OBD), while others can be hard wired into your card under the steering part.

LetsTrack Prima Car GPS Tracker Review

Letstrack Prima Car GPS Specifications & Installation

The primary tracker is a small rectangular device which has GPS, and SIM Card installed.  Even though it has a small battery inbuilt, it uses power from a car battery. The inbuilt battery only comes in handy when somebody unplugs the device post installation.

I have an i10 which doesn’t have the OBD port. The installation guy had to take out parts under the steering to connect it with Engine wire, and AC connection. It becomes a bridge which is why it is able to track when somebody starts the engine or turns on the AC. Depending on the car, the installation could be different.

It took over 2 hours to install everything. It included installation, activation of SIM card, and registering the tracker IMEI with the App.

What kind of data can you track?

While we have seen this in bits, and pieces. I am sure you have used Google Maps, and it can show the about time of your travel. Then we all have used Ola and Uber Apps where you can see the location of the car. You get the same kind of experience here, except that you have access to a lot of useful data.

Features of LetsTrack Prima Car GPS Tracker

Zones: Once you have set up your account, the first thing you should do is create Zones. These are common locations where your car visit often. The first can be your home, followed by office and other workplace. Everytime you car gets into or exits the zones, you get an alert. This is particularly useful for office. You don’t have to get down too early with an about time in mind. As soon as your car gets close to you, you get an alert. Making frequent calls to the driver can be skipped now.

LetsTrack Prima Car GPS Tracker Review

Travel History: The second thing which I really liked about is you get to know how long car was standing in one place even when the engine was turned on. The tracker was able to track even a 2-second stoppage with this. The advantage you get out of this when the driver misuses your car for petrol theft. The app offers History feature which can track last 24 hours travel which you can see in the map. It can recreate the travel path with exact speed, place and stoppage detail.

LetsTrack Car History Tacking

I was able to figure the place where he used to stop by every week, and with the exact location, and stoppage time, he was caught red-handed.

Distance Tracking: The app can tell how much distance the car traveled every day, yesterday, and for the past week. In my experience, it was off by 8 to 10 km every day.

Engine Cut:  One of the key features of LetsTrack devices is Engine Cut. This should be used with utmost care as it will turn off your engine instantly. Built for those times when somebody is running away with your car. Make sure not to use it when your car is in running condition else it will turn into an accident.

LetsTrack Prima Car GPS Tracker Review

Another way of using it is when you need to park your car in a place for a very long time. Especially, if it’s a new place. Lock down the engine, and nobody except you will be able to start the car.

Emergency Button: The package comes with an emergency button which you can place around the steering or anywhere in the car close to the driver seat. In case the driver is not able to communicate with you over the phone, he can press that button, and you can instantly know its location.

AC Alarm: Another great feature if you do not want the driver to use the AC. You get instant notification about it, however, this was buggy for me. The tracker finds out if there is a voltage fluctuation and notifies. I had to turn the notification off. You can also watch the status of AC when you launch the real-time location section for the app.

Connection experience: The app uses a SIM card and GPS in combination. I didn’t have any problem tracking the car except for once or twice the usual path. The problem is with the dead zones in my area.

Application Experience: This part is what annoyed me a bit. Many a time it took a while to load trackers in the application, especially when I accessed it from notification. I had to kill the application from the recent task, and then launch it again.   It also offers:

  • Traffic overlay to know if the route is actually busy.
  • Voice-based location information.
  • Track Multiple devices under one account.
  • Share Car real-time location with friends, and family.
  • Most of the notifications are turned off. Make sure to manually change that.
  • It offers Value tracking to calculate your petrol consumption, and cost. However It was useless as the user interface is very simple, and there is no option to add how much petrol was added, and so on.

Web Interface:

LetsTrack offers a web-based interface for everything you have on the app. This is extremely useful if you want to export the data out of the card, and use it somewhere. While it is for commercial activities, anybody can use it. The details you can get from the web dashboard is exhaustive and will take a while for you to get through it. The web interface records more than 24 hours of data.

LetsTrack Web Based Data

What is missing in the LetsTrack app?

While the app supports Google Maps, but a feature like “Your car is 5 minutes away” from your place will be useful. Similar to Ola and Uber Apps, it should be able to tell me an approx time. There is no way to export the 24 hours data to your PC or over email. If somebody wants to keep a record of this, it can only store last 24 hours detail. Lastly, I would love to see a solid Google Maps and LetsTrack app integration.

Overall its worth the price. It makes sure where my car is, how fast it is running, and how long it has been parked in one place. In case the car reaches home late, and it was only with the driver, I could figure out a lot of things. Check out LetsTrack

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