LG Likely Working on a 5 Inch, 720P Windows Phone 8.1 Device

Alan from AdDuplex tweeted yesterday about citing of a new device, D635, running Windows Phone 8.1, 5 inch screen and its from LG based on the stats. The last time we heard LG doing something on the Windows Phone Platform was via evleaks, where a device named as Uni8 was leaked.

LG WP 8.1 Device Adduplex

If you look back, LG retracted back from Windows Phone long time ago and the last time LG made a Windows Phone was in 2010 when they released their Optimus series phones which ran Windows Phone 7. With WP7, LG didn’t find much success and they never launched any Windows Phone 8 devices.

LG Uni8

Now if the stats are not spoofed and rumors have an essence of proof, LG seems to be coming back. Microsoft removed the licence fee on OEM for Windows Device less than 9 inches, including for Windows Phone. LG recently launched G3 and we home something good is coming for Windows Phone as well.