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How to Limit Sync Speed Rates on OneDrive Desktop Version

Microsoft has both Desktop and UWP app for OneDrive on Windows 10 PCs. The Universal was launched later for Windows 10, whereas the Desktop app has been available for a while now. The later integrates better with your PC, contrary to the UWP app. When using OneDrive if you feel it takes too much of your internet speed, then there is a way to slow it down.  In this post, we will share how you can limit sync speed rates on OneDrive Desktop version.

How to Limit Sync Speed Rates on OneDrive Desktop Version

The new improvement to the desktop app is very much appreciated, as it lets you limit your sync speed rates. It will cheer up people who are on a metered connection or slow internet connection. The only problem with the Desktop app was that as soon as you connect to the internet, it starts syncing your files to OneDrive. It results in taking a significant portion of your bandwidth all your internet speed, and that’s bad for people having a limited bandwidth

In this tutorial I’ll be telling you how to limit the sync speed rates on the Desktop version of OneDrive:

  • Right-click on the OneDrive icon located in the notification area, and click Settings.

OneDrive limit speed

  • Now click on the Network tab. In case you don’t get Network tab, then sign in to your OneDrive again and wait for two minutes.

  • Now to limit the Upload rate, click on Limit under Upload rate, and specify the speed in KB/s. As you can see, I have defined 125 KB/s.
  • To limit the sync speed rate while downloading, click on Limit under Download rate, and specify the speed in KB/s. In this case, I have specified 250 KB/s.
  • Now Click on OK button.

It is undoubtedly a great addition to the Desktop version of OneDrive. Most of the times I used to turn off automatic syncing as OneDrive automatically used to sync everything the moment I connect to the internet. Of course, I could turn it off, but then I would also lose my essential data, in case something happens to my laptop. So, limiting the speed according to your choice will let you sync your data to OneDrive as well as take data as you have specified.

What do you folks think of this feature of OneDrive? Sound off below.



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