Linked Inboxes is Now Available for Windows 10 PC

Linked Inboxes or Universal Inbox where one can see mails from all their account in one place, is not available for Windows 10 PC as well. This feature is already available for Windows 10 Mobile users, and we finally have a universal app which syncs the feature on both the platforms.  Gabriel Aul, Windows Insider chief, shared this a couple of hours back.

Outlook Linked Inboxes PC 1

How to Create Linked Inboxes in Windows 10 PC

  • Open the Outlook Mail App.
  • Click on the settings icon which is available at the bottom of left pane.
  • Click on Manage Accounts  > Linked Inboxes
  • Next screen will ask you to select the accounts you want to include, and an option to change the name.

Outlook Linked Inboxes PC 2

Exactly as what we have seen in Windows 10 Mobile, you can create multiple Linked Inboxes, useful for grouping work and email account separately. Once done, the email accounts won’t appear on the left pane from where you usually switch between accounts.

Outlook Linked Inboxes PC 5

Here are some quick tips you should know:

  • To manage accounts within Linked inboxes > Right Clock on the name of the inbox on left pane > Account Settings
  • At the same place, you have options to pin them to Start Menu.
  • To remove any account from a particular link inbox, select it, and then check that email account.

How to Create Linked Inboxes in Windows 10 Mobile

If you been on Windows 10 PC insiders, this might not be new for you, but since many of you are using the stable build, Linked Inboxes should get you excited.  I am sure there are many small tweaks rolled out with it, so if you see one, let us know in the comments.


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