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List of New Features Coming to Microsoft Edge for Developers & Consumers

Microsoft announced their future plans, and few new features of Microsoft Edge at the Summit. The browser is now 8 months old, and Microsoft has got some great feedback from Insiders to improve the experience. In the summit, there were some new features that were announced. Here is the list:

Microsoft Edge Summit

Web Notification:

Edge will support a way for developers to add notifications from web which will ultimately show up in the Action of Windows 10. As you can see in the screenshot above, websites can also have their own custom icons, titles and messages for these notifications. I think this is a great new addition coming to Edge browser

Try Edge on any Machine using Remote Edge:

Looks like Microsoft wants to get Edge onboard other OS as well. If you are developer wanting to develop something for Edge on Linux and OSX, Microsoft is letting you try Edge using Remote i.e. Edge will be hosted on the Azure platform, but will work nicely on your computer.

Cortana Integration:

Right from finding something on the web to text, and image search to coupon codes, Cortana can find all of them for you as you visit web pages. Cortana will also support widgets that will show interactive data.

News Feed Customization & Modules:

You will be able to configure what you want to read on the home page where the news feed show up. The same goes for sports, weather and market. This makes sure you are getting news that you are interested when you first open the browser.

Bug Reporting

If you are keen on reporting bugs you find while browsing, Microsoft has introduced a platform for Edge which allows both developers, and users to submit data.

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