How to Load / Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 PC

Starting with Build 1429, Microsoft Edge, now supports extensions. Installing these extensions is pretty straight forward which can be done either through the Store, e.g, Page Analyser, or you can load them if you download from somewhere else i.e. third party extensions.

Microsoft Edge Extensions

Installing Extension outside Windows Store

  1. Download an extension.
  2. Since they are in EXE format, you will need to double-click or just select Run from the download notification. You can also press CTRL + J to open download list, and then follow it up from there.
  3. This will extract the content in the same folder where it is downloaded.
  4. On the Edge Browser select More (…) and then Extensions.
  5. Select Load extension, choose the extension folder, then select Select folder.

Load Extension in MS Edge

Installing Extension from Windows Store:

  • Search for the extension in the store, and then click on install button.
  • Once downloaded, it will appear under App List of tour Start menu.
  • You can double-click to launch it or just Open the Edge browser, and it should be listed there.

Extension from Store

How to use  the Installed Extension:

The installed extension usually show up next to the address bar as you visit websites, but they could be anywhere depending on their functionality, and usage. So for example Bing Translate and RES show up right at the end of address bar.

RES Edge Extnsion on Browser

List of Extensions Available :

While the process is easy, and straight forward, as of now the experience is buggy. Sometimes I do see extension loading just fine, but Microsoft translator doesn’t load up most of the time. So till tit comes out for everybody, keep sending your feedback on how the experience can be improved, which extensions aren’t working great, and in which circumstances. Things should get sorted out soon.

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