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Loadkit Download Manager: Download Everything on Your Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Loadkit Download Manager is a convenient tool for downloading anything and everything on your Windows 10 computer, including Surface Pro. You can track and manage files from HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP, which are mostly used web protocols. Loadkit seamlessly integrates with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Any attempt to download files using the browser will automatically send downloads to Loadkit.

Loadkit Download Manager

Loadkit Download Manager: Download Everything on Your Windows 10 PC and Mobile


  • Background downloading – Downloading continues even if the app is not running in the foreground. Notifications will notify you about completed downloads.
  • In-app browser – Supports Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. You download any file directly.
  • Authorization – Loadkit allows you to optionally specify a username and password to perform authorization before downloading a file.
  • Category – Downloaded files are automatically categorized based on their file extension. The default categories are Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos.
  • Filter, Sort, and Search – Downloads are listed and can be filtered by their state or search criteria, so you can effortlessly search through them and get access to previously downloaded files.
  • Scheduling and Queues – You can schedule downloads by assigning them to queues and set start and stop time for a specific date, time of day, or day of the week.
  • Web Browser Integration – Loadkit integrates with web browsers (Firefox and Chrome) to start download directly from your browser. Just like Internet Download Manager (IDM).
  • Live Tiles – It notifies you about the finished downloads right on the live tile, letting you keep track of your downloads without the need to open the app.

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Good Bits for Loadkit Download Manager

There are many reasons to love this app. It has a very simple, fluid, and beautiful UI. The UI features a hamburger menu, which has five different options, such as:

  • Downloads – Shows your current and past downloads
  • Scheduler – lets you schedule your downloads
  • Browser – in-app browser
  • Purchase – To purchase the full version of the app, which removes downloading limit and lets you download directly from the in-app browser
  • and Settings – Lets you customize the app, choose where to store your downloads, etc.

It encourages customizability so that you can choose your accent color, theme color, your search engine, and so on. It also integrates with the Action Centre, which is nice. It’s one of the few apps that supports background downloading on Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile. And with future updates, it’s getting Cortana support and Microsoft Edge integration (as soon as Microsoft adds extension support to Edge).

Bad Bits for Loadkit Download Manager

The in-app browser will not impress you much if you use the free version of the app because it doesn’t support direct downloads. To download something, you will have to copy the link, then go to downloads, and paste it. However, the full version of the app lets you download directly from the in-app browser.

There isn’t anything wrong with this app. I would recommend you to download this app. It’s featured packed and indeed one of the best download manager for Windows.  However, there are a lot of download managers which offer the same set of features for free.

Check out Loadkit.



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