Location based Task Reminder for Windows Phone

Its pretty common to forget about a task when you are actually around the location. Talk about picking up grocery or making an important call to a friend when you are around his place.

So today, we have an excellent app, Geo Tasker, which helps you set reminders for Making Calls, Meetings and simple task when you reach a certain location.  This app combines the power of a Calendar with location, date and time based action to bring a feature rich experience for the users.

What we really liked ?

Easy to Use Interface:  The app has an excellent user interface which makes sure you neither have any learning curve nor lot of steps to get a task created in the app. It follows the same design pattern as in the Windows Phone, so it’s all immersive view.

The Interface categorizes types of Task into simple, Call and Meeting type. These tasks can be tracked over the filter screen by Overdue, Due, Next and Tasks without any dates. Apart from this, you can also view the number of tasks according to each categories.

Geo Tasker Task Lists


Windows Phone 8 has Nokia maps in the core. This app utilizes them to make sure that you can create tasks even when offline. Just make sure you have the map downloaded on your phone. It also gives you direct access to open the Map Settings from the app settings page.

Background Location Tracking:

The app can run in the background to check your location periodically. This makes sure you aren’t too late for any task.

Lockscreen & Live Tile Notifications:

You can configure it with your lockscreen and pin to start screen for Windows Phone style notifications. A toast notification is also fired up when due.

Add Multiple location to any Task :

It’s quite possible that some of your tasks can be same at multiple location. The app makes sure that you can any number of location to your tasks.

Geo tasker Create Tasks

What I would love to see more in this app?

  • Category based “Pin to Start”
  • Tile to create tasks instantly.
  • Search
  • Filter Based “Pin to Start”


This app takes one step ahead when compared to Locationminder app which has similar functionality. Not only the UI is well done, its feature rich. The app is free at the moment so you should not miss downloading it right now.