With Lumia 430 priced at Rs 5299, Microsoft Needs to Reconsider their Pricing Strategy in this Competitive Market

Microsoft has finally launched Lumia 430, their most affordable Windows Phone in Lumia Series till date. While I have put the specs here, I really wanted to comment on its price which is quoted at Rs 5299. Its Overpriced. Why ? I will talk about the completion later, but lets take a look at two super budget Windows Phone cases.

  • Lumia 532 launched at Rs 6,999 which is now selling at around Rs 6,000 on various online and retail stores.
  • Lumia 435 launched at Rs 5,999 which is now selling at around Rs 5000 on various online and retail stores.

These price drops happened within a month of launch, and they clearly tell just one thing, somebody at Microsoft isn’t setting the pricing right for India. The problem is lack of control over Price Drops. When device sell less, both online and offline retailers starts dropping the price. Microsoft can’t control it.

If Microsoft wants to change this, they need to price it right from the day one. Imagine how a consumer, who bought a Lumia 532 or 435, felt when the price dropped within a month. If Microsoft had their price done right on day one, it would have sold lot better.

Lumia 430 Overpriced

When it comes to competition, Lumia 430 will get direct competition with Canvas Spark and Infocus M2 and many other devices, which have better specs for the price. Now, I don’t say that the device will not deliver a great experience. This is something unique about the platform that all Windows Phone work well and they don’t go slow even when used for years.

The problem is, people will not know this unless they use it, Windows Phone market growth is slow and consumers are specs driven. Unless they get a cheesy price, they will be reluctant to adopt, specially when retailers are selling based on specs.

Either Microsoft needs to control the Quick Price Drop or they Need to Set the Price lower. The later is what will work better for them, IMO.