Nokia Lumia 520 Review : Buy If You Want to Start with Windows Phone 8

After Nokia announced Lumia 520 and 720 at MWC 2013, it was clear that they wanted a phone in every segment. Lumia 520 is a big example of this motive which is a decent phone for budget users who would love to start with a smart phone. Not only it does bring in the brand new Windows Phone 8 but also the goodness of Nokia Apps which is not available in any other platform. The review below is based on 5-6 days of extensive use of Nokia Lumia 520.

I have put up a detailed video review talking about the same if you prefer that. Post starts right after the video.

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Display & Screen Quality:

This phone comes with IPS display which is superior in quality compared to Lumia 620 display. This is the reason screen sensitivity is high and colours look great even from wide viewing angles. Fingerprint Magnet: I am highly disappointed by the amount of dust, oil, and finger prints the screen collects. The experience of smooth display will be spoiled if you live in a country where there is a lot of sun and moisture.

Lumia 520 Screen Dirt Moisture


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Sunlight Legibility: Also, the display of Lumia 520 is not clear black i.e. the technology which makes black look even more darker making readability in sunlight easy. This results in an uncomfortable reading experience in sunlight. I will be more specific by saying that it will possibly be your own reflection that will make things uncomfortable when you are typing something.

Lumia 520 Sunlight

Build Quality:

Overall build quality of the phone is good. The only weak part of the phone is the back case. Lumia 520, like Lumia 620 and 820, has an exchangeable shell. The back case that comes in retail packaging is semi-hard plastic. As a matter of fact, you can bend it to levels which cannot be done to most casings.

Lumia 520 Case Off

If you remove the case and look at the build quality, you wont find any cheapness there. The hardware is packed in a strong material. There are two slots. One is for Micro SIM while the other is for SD card. Interesting to note that they are perpendicular to each other contrary to other phones where these slots are parallel with each other.

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Battery Life:

We thought of doing battery test even more precisely than our previous reviews. We made sure that we are using 3G and set dedicated time for different activities on heavy test. Overall I am satisfied with the performance of Lumia 520 and it runs for 10 hours on heavy usage and can reach 14 hours on regular usage. Lumia 520 comes with 1430 mAH battery power.

Case 1: Heavy Usage 

I used the phone for the following tasks :

  1. 1 hour of non stop game play ( Asphalt 7 Heat)
  2. 1 hour of music using earphones.
  3. 1 hr. of Call in parts.
  4. 1 hours I left the phone idle.
  5. Constant Twitter, Facebook, Feeds, Email (3 accounts which get most of my emails), Browsing.

The phone lasted for 9 hrs. 30 minutes and switched to battery saver mode. I will make this 10 hours for 100% battery consumption.

Case 2: Regular Usage

My regular mobile usage includes emails, feeds, couple of calls, browsing. I even played Asphalt 7 Heat for 15 minutes. Used Nokia Drive Offline for 1 hour when driving. Phone idle time was 4 hours.

Lumia 520 Battery Performance

Call Quality:

Audio over calls are pretty loud. As a matter of fact I found it better than my Lumia 920. If you use in speaker mode, make sure to lower the audio and even when using the Bluetooth earphones, make sure to keep it at the preferred level which is 20.

Game Performance:

I was pretty impressed with game performance as I was with Lumia 620 when Asphalt 7 Heat was released. I had played for continuous 1 hour without any issues. There were no hiccups, glitches, hanging. In fact gaming felt better in 520 compared to 620 because of wide-screen. One thing I did notice here that the phone got hot after 20 minutes of game play. This problem is very similar to the problem I saw on Lumia 920 where the amount of heat generated was much more than Lumia 520. However, this did not cause any issue with game performance.

Below is the video of Lumia 520 playing Asphalt 7 Heat

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I would highly recommend this as gaming phone but the restriction remains—the game developers have to make their games compatible to work on 512 MB RAM.

Camera (Photos + Video)

Photo: Since the camera does not have flash, let me make it clear that talking about low light photography does not make sense. It’s even worse than 620 with a bit of light. Also the camera software seems to have some bug with daylight images. We tried taking photographs with Auto Mode and Individual Modes i.e. Macro, Backlight among others. The individual modes worked far better than Auto mode

Daylight Picture Gallery:

Camera Modes: Lowlight, Macro & Backlit

Video: The highest quality of video you can record is of 720p. Though the regular video in ample of light turned out to be good but the on motion videos wasn’t convincing.  The camera is not good enough to capture sharp videos, specially if the objects are bit far away. As the camera tries to gain focus continuously, it really needs a stable environment.

If you are the kind of person who just wants to capture video for fun, you can pick this phone but if you want high quality videos this phone is not for you.

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Music Quality:

Lumia 520 has good speakers and audio quality is good to my ears. When I compare it with Lumia 620 Audio, it felt louder to me and when I take it to full volume, I can hear the audio quality deteriorating a little. However, the gaming experience wasn’t spoiled at full volume and being louder means you might get a lot of attention in public.

When used along with earphones the quality was pretty nice even with the packaged earphones which are of low quality. If you switch to any other earphones of Lumia 820 or 620, you can feel the audio to be much more soothing with them.

Below is a video to help you decide on music quality of speakers.

Watch on YouTube

Hardware & Benchmarking:

We at WPXBOX don’t talk much about technical details about hardware. We rather focus on consumer perspective like phone performance, build quality, camera, audio quality, battery life, etc. So instead of throwing all fancy specifications towards you here is a simpler version:

Lumia 520 is the most affordable Windows Phone 8 device which runs on a 1GHz Snapdragon Processor with 512 MB RAM. It comes with 8 GB of internal storage and up to 64GB is supported using microSD cards. The battery power is 1430 mAh.  There is no flash and front end camera but it comes with a 5 MP rear camera. The screen display is IPS which gives a smooth touch experience.

For geeks, starting with this review, we are now including benchmarking details. The AnTuTu benchmark tool is available in the store.

Lumia 520 benchmarking Antutu

App Market:

If you are new to Windows Phone and will be trying it out for the first time, Windows Phone market has most of the apps now. Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Gaana, etc. Also, the phone supports most of the apps except a few which require 1GB of RAM. These apps are mostly games but if they get ported, like Asphalt 7 Heat was ported, they will also work nicely.

However, if you want to ask about any of the apps you been looking for, ask us in comments and we will help you answer that. You can also try out  our App Switcher Post which helps you find apps equivalent of iOS and Android.

What is Missing in Nokia Lumia 520?

This is a very important section because when you pay less, it is understood that something goes missing or is low in quality.

  1. No flash
  2. No compass. This means apps like Here City lens will not work.
  3. Quality earphones. The earphones which comes with packaging not only hurt the ear when used for a long time but they also lack good audio quality. They are OK at best and loud.
  4. Back case is not very strong.
  5. The USB cable is quite short. If you plan to use it with a desktop PC which do not have front USB port, it’s going to be a bit problematic.

Why buy a Nokia Lumia 520?

The last question has to be answered after you have read all of the above. A lot of features in Lumia 520 don’t look good except battery life and overall performance. The camera is not perfect, there is no flash, back shell is flimsy, etc.

IMO I would suggest Lumia 520 to two kinds of persons. 

First, those who want to try Windows Phone 8 from Nokia but do not want to spend a lot of money on it. Even though the drawbacks are there, this phone is perfect for knowing about the excellent features of the OS & Nokia Apps. Here Maps, Nokia Music, Here Drive worked perfectly. Overall performance was pretty good (with no lags) and games work perfectly.

Second, if you are really tight on budget and want to buy a smartphone for the first time. You will find a lot of phones in this range which can be equal to Lumia 520 but if you want to try a device with better stability with all the goodness of Nokia Apps ( not available in other platforms or dumb phones), this is a great pickup.


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  1. sir even i am a huge fan of windows phone but due to problems of bluetooth and hearing other disadvantages like of apps i ended myself buying an android phone.but now with release of windows phone 8 n seeing that many disadvantages have been covered i planning to buy lumia 520.
    can u tel me
    1. is the phone fast enough for daily usage
    2. is it suitable for decent multitasking( 3 to 4 apps at a time)
    3. i play a lot of games….so will L520 wll be able to satisfy me in this section.

  2. Would love to try out the os n needed a 2nd phone on the cheap, so I guess I make both demographic :-)
    Does windows phone 8 have swiftkey in its app market? That’s my main concern with trying out wp8.

  3. hi sir i have buyed dis phone.. all works good bt.. i am not able to share videos over BT.. those are stored in music and i can do it from camera roll.. bt for that i need to store music video file in camera roll. plz plz help me to solve my pbm…[email protected]

  4. Hi Siddharth,

    Yes this is a limitation and big time problem. The share menu has been disabled for Videos folder.

    Sadly for now you will have to keep them in camera roll.

  5. will it vll b the same , or can expect windows will work on it… and more thing y there in no file explorer in this phone.. is there any newz about this issue… are any file explorer aps from windows…

  6. sir i gone through your review of this L520….and i couldnt understand the issue of app optimization as u have said asphalt 7 after optimization works good on 512 MB RAM. Is this applicable to every game on windows marketplace that it should be optimized for 512 MB RAM or only the high end games need optimization?
    can a game which isnt optimized for a 512 MB RAM can be downloaded in that phone?

  7. The App developer needs to optomize their games for 512MB ram if their app needs more then 512MB for high end devices.

    No, you cannot download a game which needs more than 512 MB ram

  8. sir then this can prove a problem for such low end category phones and also windows marketplace isnt much developed and upon that optimization problem can seriously piss off users…..
    also this is disadvantage against android where hardly such problem exists….


  10. bro.. buy it, i am using this cell frm 7th april… yes it do get heated, if u play game.. bt every cell get heated… wen v play game.. yes heating pbm is there.. bt u can ignore it.. as games doesnt lag any wer.. and you are not goin to play game all day.. regarding data usage if ur using 2g data.. n network is on 3g cell get hot bt not dat much.. just change ur network to 2g..n use.. heating pbm vll get resolved.. rest every thg is just superb..with 10k price tag…battery back up very good.. n more imp it take very less tym to charge full less that 30 min it get charged full….via charger.. so buy i u vll nvr regret…

  11. I think your review under estimates the 520… You simply cannot say it suits a 16 year old.
    The phone has immense power for every day business use, and in essence is probably the “best phone per dollar ” on the market for the everyday consumer whether they are 16, or 60.
    For those that simply want everything a smartphone offers, the lumia 520 has it all at the right price.

    A great review, but I would not limit the phone to an age group, or worry whether the USB cable is too short etc.

  12. thanks siddharth bt how to change network 3g to 2g if m having 3g sim and can u pls describe me about camera quality means i know its hving 5 mp but want to know picture quality in day and night AND PLEASE TELL ME AFTER HOW MUCH NET BROWSING TIME IT GETS HEATED PLS HELP ME BRO …………………

  13. there is no such 3g sim.. its 3g and 2g service , bt there is micro sim.. u have to get dat. or u can cut ur present sim n make it small from any mobile store.. n regarding 3g -2g.. just got to setting –mobile network– highest speed and there is option 3g,and 2g. that the simple part.. it dont get heated that much bro.. just chill .. like every other normal smart phone,, rem it has dual prosessor n 512 ram.. its very good enough to run major prog.. so relax n buy it.. i also did all research before buying it as my budjet was small.. n its all worth.. it has the processor and touch which nokia 1nly uses in high end handset… battery power greater den lumia 620.. what more u want in 10500… just go and buy it.. it worth…n i am loving it….


  15. @vikash……
    dude e1 m using mmxA110….although its truly a value fo money handset…..rather provides u more wot u shld get at 10k….
    bt truly speakin u ll soon get bored of android cuz it does not provides u premium product unlike apple wich is gives u premium quality products….
    i suggest u go wid L520…cuz e1 though it hs sum dis advantages bt stil it ll giv u a supub user experience….n lso windows provides more than sufficient apps….

  16. @vikash……..
    dude e1 m using mmxA110….although its truly a value fo money handset…..rather provides u more wot u shld get at 10k….
    bt truly speakin u ll soon get bored of android cuz it does not provides u premium product unlike apple wich is gives u premium quality products….
    i suggest u go wid L520…cuz e1 though it hs sum dis advantages bt stil it ll giv u a supub user experience….n lso windows provides more than sufficient apps….

  17. Hi Ashish,

    Thanks for your review of Nokia Lumia 520. I bought this phone a week ago and overall I am very much satisfied with the performance. Also it is my first smart phone. I was long waiting for such a piece with limited budget, almost a year. I am a die hard fan of nokia handsets for their reliability and added to that the stability of Windows OS.

    In this review you have almost covered all aspects of its quality. Thanks for it. But the only issue I am having is that it does not show up the Graphic Equalizer in the Audio settings. Does this phone support the facility ? I would like to know if it is not provided by default, is there any way to have a the facility by some other way ?

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Mr Ashish i want need your help this phone is heating a lot after 2-3 min net browsing or game playing pls suggest me should i take this (520)or pls suggest me any other phone pls help me

  19. Mr. Ashish please suggest me a best 3 phones cost around 10K which has good camera with good processor.

  20. Hi Vikash,

    Stay Assured that phones does not get overheated. It does get heated a bit but that’s only when you play racing games for 20 to 25 minutes, else its all good. There is no heating when browsing the internet and performance is very good.

    I will highly recommend you to buy Lumia 520.

  21. I have just received today, the sim card is still not active yet. When I try to open photos or camera from the menu, the screen flickers and reopen the menu, am I missing something or already doesn’t work?

  22. Just an update, I turned the phone off took the battery off to check the sd card, and on again and when I click photos first opened a screen regarding Vodafone contract payg and contract (my phone number hasn’t been swapped yet) and opened the photos.

  23. Hello Caludia, I understand that this means it is working for you now. We really don’t have contract based phones here and any technical issue, you need to ask the Nokia Care Center Guys.

  24. Hey Ashish,
    My lumia 520 just vibrates twice when i get a call.How to let it vibrate continiously?


  25. is it city lens available in 520 or 620? i think their is no file manager option in 520 me windows 8 pc user i fall in love with 520 oneday it will be comes on my hand -good review

  26. City Lens is not available because there is no Compass in 520 but 620 has it. There is no file manager for Windows Phone at all but you can connect your phone with PC and then copy file from USB mode.

  27. what about equalizer.presets although lumia 520 user guide mentions u can change eq presets it has been disabled/ this is cheating

  28. hey guys,

    a friend of mine had recently bought this phone and has been facing many problems since then. he got it a week and believe me it has hung 9 times so far! all he uses is whatsapp, viber and messages and calls. it takes 1.5-2 hours to charge fully. the battery hardly stays for 4-5 hours. do you think its cuz of the phone or there is a manufacturing fault? please help me.

  29. that must b problem with that particular handset.. even i m using this handset.. it has not given me any single problem which u have mention above.. i doubt weather ut talking about the same handset or some other… i do multitasking n it has nt hung even a single time..i hv even use all above apps which u have mention.. it never hangs… about charging my handset gets charge in 1 hour form zero…it get charge very very quicky…as compared to my other android phones exp. regarding draining it stays 8-9 hours .with full use of music,games,.watsapp, n maps emails.n other thgs..if what ever u hv told is true. then please check with ur change it…as far as my exp with lumia 520.. its a gr8 phones with that budget.. i am loving it..

  30. hie guys plz any bdy tl me dat is der any problem with multitasking in dis device i mean i heard that if we download movies or songs or anythng from uc browser of opera mini it gets paused whn we minimise dem please do reply

  31. Hi I am having problem with newly bought 520,In Music+Videos app,I cannot control music volume.If i make it zero,But song is still playing on Full volume.Why it is like that?Shall i replace it?
    Any one else faced this issue?

  32. I am confused b/w the lumia 520 and 620.I am not much into photography,so the front cam and flash of 620 dosent make a difference to me
    What troubles me is the Display.
    520 has the bigger screen and IPS,but 620 has better Ppi and ClearBlack technology
    So,is Lumia 620 worth the extra 3.5k?
    Please Advice

  33. There is no way to connect directly. However there is an app which lets you control Windows PC from phone. Can you share your requirement in detail.

  34. What you said is correct. There is another problem with 520…the screen is a dust & moisture magnet and really sucks if you get both of them a lot.

  35. sir does viber works on L520? skype can do voice call on it but is it possible to use rear camera for video call?

  36. Dear Ashish
    could you please tell how to clean internet chace & how to kill background running apps

  37. sir, can asphalt 7 heat and other gamer be downloaded for freee. There are not many games in store like asphalt 7 if there then plzz suggest me and also tell me that can that game be downloaded for freee

  38. App Switcher Post which helps you find apps equivalent of iOS and Android i am not able to see the post plzzz check it
    and reply as soon as possible i am waiting

  39. Hi,
    does whatsapp,viber, Skype and audio while speaking on a call work well in lumia 520?? I have a lumia 800 and its troubling like hell. None of the above applications work well. I want to buy a L520. What will u suggest.

  40. yes i can use all the application mention above.. on my 520.. make sure put ur mobile n/w on 3g.. u cant use net on call.. in 2g n/w..

  41. Thanks for the review…
    Can you kindly give some info on whatsapp,facebook and viber apps? Do they run smoothly…i heard there r some issues with whatsapp…also,does it run on the background? Thanks

  42. I have heard about the Whats App issue. The developers need to fix it. Yeah Whats App can run in background. Viber works fine.

  43. Hi Can I control the volume of the songs and other music files? Not the phone volume which is controllable through the volume rocker. Also how can i attach music files on sms and whats app?

  44. Sir,how do i make a power point presentation on my Lumia 520….plz help…..there is sample ppt but making new ppt option is unavailable…..plz help me …..

  45. Mr. Ashish – Is whatsapp working good (can share videos n pictures) in Nokia L520 ? which phone is better in user interference nokia lumia 520 or micromax canvas ? I don’t use camera in mobile phones. My total interest in social networking like whatsapp, Fb, wechat, true caller etc. Is touch is good in Nokia L520 ?

  46. Don’t have a Micromax Canvas so I cannot compare. All those apps work except wechat. Touch is ok.

  47. sir i need your help….i am thinking to buy lumia 520 and i need to know about it …..can i copy games and music from my computer using micro sd card? ….if YES than where will get my files in the mobile which i had copied from my pc?..please help sir…

  48. How can i delete whats app’s messages.. i clear history.. but i need to delete all the messages from backup also how can i do it

  49. I bought lumia 520 , but its camera button is not working ..
    while pressing the button its just only focusing but not taking the pic.. Then I removed the back cover and pressed the board button (need to press too deep )its working and found that camera button is placed a little lower than the volume & lock button , thats why the case button is not engaging properly .
    i searched this problem in net and found that many have this issue ,
    help me with a solution…

  50. Sadly, after reading though the symptoms I believe your friend has bought a “lemon”. My phone has not once hung up on me, it lasts way longer than 4-5 hours. Must be the fault of the particular handset.

  51. Ashish, Im really looking into buying the Lumia 520 (Im in luv with the colours & the windows 8 tiles), but the only thing is the lack of apps compared to an anroid, also one of the reasons I’d like a smart phone is so I can download books & read on my phone so and I really not going to find any free gaming apps? and can I read books off ereader on the 520. Pls lemme know.

  52. Tell us which apps you looking for and I can tell you an equivalent app on Windows Phone. The Apps are there, don’t worry. There are couple of eReaders that can be used for reading eBooks. Free Games? There are many but the best ones are paid.

  53. sir i want to buy this phone and i just simply want to know if i buy lumia 520 or micromax a110 canvas2.

  54. hi
    i just want to knw abt d camera…ma mind is stuck on tis issue regrdg flash… do d pictures come clear at night n is der nightmode in it??
    can i click ma self pics at night (outdoor)
    reply on ma id plzzzzzzzzzzzz
    [email protected]

    plzzz do reply to ma adres..i need to make decision asap

  55. How to change menustyle in Lumia 520 plzz tell me I want to change the list to some othr style plz help me how to change it

  56. Sir, In my nokia lumia 520 whatsup not supported because of error that on the connection site there is error that not connected

  57. i suggest u to chk ur data connection… try using internet of other service providers.. as far as my 520 is concerned whatsapp is working fyn..s

  58. Hello. I’m a music lover and i listen to a lot of songs. How is the sound quality?? Please elaborate

  59. no its not like that siddharth its really troubling for whatsapp….it is showing network connection in it….

  60. Sir I have recently bought a L520 everything seems to be working fine except the volume control. The songs i have downloaded from nokia music and sometimes the vedio’s volume can not be controlled from the keys given and there is no other means of doing it. can you please suggest a solution for it? Sumit

  61. I would strongly suggest you to get in touch with the Nokia Care. There is something wrong with the phone on hardware level.

  62. I have been using the Lumia 520 for over a month now and i am loving every minute,except for some minor problems.
    1.The problem many mentioned about the volume rocker key exists.sometimes it works,sometimes it dosent.
    2.Apps.i am yet to find decent apps for pattern lock and video locking.
    3.The camera button is stiff and the autofocus takes a tad too long.

  63. 1. Get in toch with Nokia Care Center.
    2. No Apps can do that on Windows Phone
    3. Yeah you need to press it little harder than regular buttons. Did you try tapping on screen for auto focus? Does it take long even then.

  64. When I make and receive calls I can only hear by using the loudspeaker. It works once if I turn it off. This is a replacement phone. The same thing happened on the last one. My SIM card was cut when I got the phone. Could that be the problem?

  65. Possible, You may try replacing your SIM first as it will be an easy process. If not I will suggest you to take it to Nokia Care or from where you bought it from.

  66. Hello sir:
    I recently bought a lumia 520 .I have made a microsoft account but I am not seeing the LOCATE option in FIND MY PHONE section of windows phone website. I am able to ring,erase or lock the phone but not able to see the map
    plz help

  67. hello sir…I bought nokia lumia 520 recently…im my headphones…I can hear he voice of person who has called , but the other person cannot hear me…..I don’t know whats the problem .can u plz suggest

  68. sir,
    I,ve loaded some pdf,s onto my sd card. i do have a pdf acrobat reader installed in it. but how to open the file in it. i couldn’t find the pdf’s copied in sd card. Can u help me to know where to open sd card and view all my files

  69. Hi sir,

    I’m using lumia 520 for the past 3 days. I want to know how to set only vibration alert for text messages without any ringing alert. Could you help me in finding a way for it???

  70. Sir i have nokia lumia 520, after downloading the whatsapp i am facing trouble in getting connected to it, i have 2g network connectivity, please suggest me what to do?

  71. please clear my doubts sir regarding nokia lumia 520,

    1. I want to set only vibration for msgs while ringing to other alerts.
    2. I want to know where to see the online status of my chat list members in whatsapp
    3. My phone is creating duplicate files of some of the songs. how do I resolve that problem?

  72. Sir! I am not able use video and excel sheet of L520 from SD Card even files and folders of SD card also not display how i see the same! pls help me……….

  73. Hi Rakesh, How did you transfer files to your phone? Did you download from email i.e. the excel file?

  74. 1. Not possible.
    2. Check the People Hub or the Me Tile.
    3. Can you explain how did you transfer the songs and what steps did you take?

  75. i bought a lumia 520 yesterday.. :)
    pls tell me how to close background running apps and features..
    while i am downloading stuff it gets stuck and i can’t stop the (…downloading…) icon
    my mail [email protected]

  76. Hello Sir i am only 15 years old a real big fan of wp but i want this ,phone only for social networking like facebook and twitter and gaming like asphalt, temple run etc. So will this phone satisfy me?

  77. Hi Ashish,
    Is the phone not responding/shutting down a common issue?I have to remove the battery and put it back to start again…
    I hard reset the phone 5-6 days back and it was fine for 4 days…but yesterday it shutdown also same thing happened?
    Is this shutdown a common issue? whatsapp issue was also there but it works properly after hard reset…but shutdown issue is not yet fixed? any idea guys? should i go for a replacement?

  78. there is no audio equalizer as if now i nokia 520… but i guess wait for the update… evn m waiting

  79. hi ashish ,
    I have reliance retconnect + (unlimited plan) ,so i tried to share my internet to my lumia by creating ad hoc network in my laptop. everything going in right way but my phone is not detecting the new connection … can you please elaborate me how to do this in a right way ? there are many videos for android phones how to do the same stuff but not for WP.. :(
    ….. waiting for your kind reply

  80. Sir My nokia lumia 520 just restarted. and shows only blank blue screen. i’ve tried several times by soft reset. but the same . can you suggest me how to solve this problem please.
    please sir

  81. Sir,

    I did’nt transfer the files while the sd card is in lumia 520. I’ve imported all songs into the sd card through a card reader. And later I inserted the card into this phone.

    And even can you explain me hos to open the pdf files that are in sd card. I’ve downloaded pdf reader already. I got those files from my friends mobile through bluetooth.


  82. Hi Sir ,

    I am not able to control the volume while playing music in lumia 520 . Its inconsistent behaviour , Please suggest how can this be rectified

  83. How to see online friends at facebook on lumia 520? Do i have to install facebook chat separately?

  84. You get to see that when you open the chat message for your facebook profile. Else install the Facebook App which is pretty awesome.

  85. HELP. I have just bought one of these phones and the screen is WAY too sensitive. When I put it to my ear, my ear puts the phone on mute or ends call! How can I reduce screen sensitivity please?

  86. What is that app that is showing you your timeline from fb? And you mentioned earlier in a comment about an app that can make you connect the phone to a windows pc,can you please tell me the name of that app? I want to connect my phone to projector for powerpoint presentations. thanks

  87. Hey Elz, Its an inbuilt app. There is no app, you can just connect with a microusb cable and see it on your computer.

  88. Hello Ashish,
    Your review is excellent, you have explained pretty much every about the lumia 520.
    I purchased one last to last week for my brother

    the first thing i wanna ask is that lumia 520 comes with 16gb or 8 gb internal storage( i know u have mentioned 8 gb but i think mine is 16 gb but note sure)

    second, sometime its volume rocker does not control the volume level while listening music with head phone on and at the same time it operates the ring volume.
    And just to get rid of this problem i have to turn of my phone every time when it hangs(or whatever u call it as all other function works normal at the same time).

    Please tell me is this normal or there is way to deal with this

  89. and one more think as i m using macbook mid 2008 model and i dont know how to connect it to my lumia 520 as its asking me to download window phone app or something like this but as i m using the older version mac i dont have access to that app so
    Please kindly suggest me a way to connect my phonje with my mac

  90. sir i hav inserted my videocon sim in lumia 520 but its internet connection is not working . what is the reason?

  91. Hi Mr. Ashish! This is a great effort from your side. I just wanted to know if it’s possible to make calls thru VIBER on Win8 phones specially the 520?

    Thanx in advance. cheers!

  92. Hello Sir, I am keen to buy Nokia Lumia 520 but had some doubts, First of all can we simultaneously use Whatsapp and Wechat and other messengers without closing any one of them? Like minimizing them or running them in background?
    And also I had heard that mobile data is always ON on this phone? If this is true, is there any way to stop it!!
    Your reply would be really helpful !
    Thanks in advance ! :)

  93. 1. Multitasking is available so yes you can use multiple apps together. To access them again, long press the back button and you will see list of apps running.
    2. No, That’s not true. You can turn of Mobile Data from Settings > Mobile Network > Data.

  94. thnx brthr u hv solvd all my quries fr L520…nw m gona buy it surely
    but my lst qustn is dat is it work fast in 2g net???

  95. You are very correct! This happens to me too! its good to know i am not alone and then the battery is wack especially for a nokia phone plus I can’t attach simple documents to mail except pictures

  96. i m having this volume control function.. i’v visited nokia care, they update my phone’s software… it worked for some days and the problem is back again… i dont knw wat to do…

  97. 1.I have two mobile numbers saved under the same contact name,how can i text to the second number?
    2.Is there any way to close all the open apps together?
    3.multiple copies of the same video are being shown in the gallery.if i delete one,the other dosent work.What do i do?

  98. 1. When you type in the name, do you see two contacts in the suggestion list?
    2. Together ? Nope
    3. I will have to check on this. Many have complained but I wasn’t able to simulate it.

  99. yes… the problem occurs in mp3 only when i play it from music+video… it works when i playfrom nokia music…

  100. Amo, This looks like a software bug, I will recommend you to visit Nokia care and see if this get resolved.

  101. hi ashish
    i didnt get u regarding how to delete recent people.
    how can i delete audio songs?
    how can i transfer videos and etc from bt?
    please explain in procedure. it would help me great

  102. Hey Ashish. Can we share music and video files through whatsapp in Lumia 520. If so what is the procedure.

  103. please advise how do I delete videos from my nokia 520 ? I transferred some videos from my pc to my nokia 520 but because its taking up too much space id like to delete some videos . please advise . much appreciated.

  104. Guys recently I have purchased Lumia-520

    I am facing problem in music player when ever i am listening song I am not able to control the volume (either I Can’t increase or Decrease the volume in current song. What ever the changes in volume setting in current song will apply for next song in case if i shift to next song immediately or else No) Please suggest me on Whether it is an generic problem or Problem with my phone)
    Thanks in advance

  105. Hi Sir,I recently bought LUMIA 520 and installed whatsapp.I am not able to send/receive messages on it and my connection state always remains NOT CONNECTED. I checked my browser and I am able to browse through sites normally.I am on 2G network .Is this a know issue?Need your advice…

  106. hi sir,,i recently bought lumia 520,,,,m not able 2 view older chats in whatsapp,,,whenever i open it,,,whatsapp automatically closes,,,,would u plzz guide me out..!!!

  107. Can I transfer apps,games etc. from phone memory to sd card memory in lumia 520?this’ll b my 1st windows phone experience;is it user-friendly?

  108. I am unable to send pictures via facebook chat. In the ‘attach’ option, it does show ‘photo, video, location, etc..’ but I can select only the ‘location’ component. I was wondering if there was some settings that should be changed or that the mobile itself does not allow such activities.

  109. Hi Ashish…Great work…i have a query on Whatsapp….i have installed in my Lumia 520 but its showing not connected, can u pls help?

  110. hello ashish, I bought Lumia 520 a week ago from nokia priority, i love this phone very much for its over all performance,but due to the fingerprint problem i labelled a Matt screen guard with their help and also bought a case for safety,both are 3rd party accesories. Yesterday, the phone showed a problem that the touch screen was not working when i tried to attend a call. this problm showd a couple of times later(not always). when i called for technical support,they told me that due to the screen guard, the sensor is coverd that leads to this problm…Is that true my friend.

  111. Sir, I stored music in the microSD with PC connection but do not know how to point to them with the phone. How do you play music/ look at photos in microSD in the phone? Thanks. Vinh

  112. Thanks for the thorough review. I bought a Lumia 520 a couple weeks ago and I must say that there’s one point I disagree with you on: the back shell/case is not flimsy at all!

    The shell that the Lumia 520 comes with is made of polycarbonate and is thus very strong. It also feels strong and firm. In fact, I prefer this plastic shell over a phone with a metal housing.

  113. When you are using 3g quite extensively, the mobile start burning. I have a Note 2 as well that does data stuff quite nicely..

  114. i want to purchase a smart phone. and many of my friends are suggesting me to get nokia L520. should i go for it???? m totally confused.!!! i saw the reviews. some of them were saying this is sooo good but some of them were telling this phone is having too many disadvantages..!! like the volume key is not good( they cannot decrease or increase the volume) etc.;

  115. Help require….. I bought Nokia Lumia 720 yesterday after use few hours it starts continuous vibrating mode. I turned off vibration, I turned off the phone but in off mode it still vibrating and I did also factory reset but still my phone is vibrating….please suggest how to stop this continuous vibrating my phone??? Service center refused to provide phone replacement my.

  116. shahzad bro.. u can nva turn off the vibration in lumia u can switch between vibrate and vibrate+ ring.. nthg more u can do in it….yes wen u turn off any it do vibrate 1ce.. bt i guess that must b a part of shut down process… or turn off d data n den switch off, it will nt vibrate during switch mgt work.. m nt sure ..if u still feel ur 720 has sm pbm.. sell it mhan…9892345739

  117. i want to buy lumia 520. i need to know about fb messenger in lumia 520.. does it as friendly as android ??? and can i get sound notification while some one ping me..? in android if i am not logged in and some one ping me in fb i shall get an icon of that person on display with sound notification..does nokia lumia 520 has the same feature?? plzz help me.. i shal buy it very recent..

  118. FB is integrated in Windows Phone Messenger. You can get notifications, sound and even change your status to offline if you want to. However you dont a FB head like feature. There is an app from Facebook which also can be used parallely

  119. 1.In watsapp app when i click on video it will open camera.. But , from there i cant send stored videos. Only camera recorded videos can be send. And same problem with audio songs, cant attach in watsapp. – watsapp on windows phone does not have the ability to share videos stored on the phone. Unless they update their app, there is nothing you or we can do about this.

    2. And regarding sharing video,when i click on video there are only two options ‘delete’ and ‘pin to start’ . The videos which are there in saved picture in the photos hub can be shared via Bluetooth. It is not possible to share videos directly from within the videos section on the windows phone. There is no setting to enable this either.

  120. Hi Lately I h ave discovered that while I switch off the phone and put into charging, its getting switched on automatically….. Is that fine or somethign wrong with my new L520 ??? Please suggest……

  121. sir u haven’t given any reply for my comment
    and even i can’t find the downloaded music files anywhere in card or phone from nokia music

  122. does the fb messenger apps work properly like android??? and does it give sound notification while i m not logged in and some one ping me?

  123. i am planing to buy a smartphone with in 3 days… plz tell me whether wechat calling facility work properly in 520… n dose whatsapp work properly in it… plz answer this as soon as pos.. :-)

  124. I’m planning to buy a cheap Lumia Phone,within the new years time.I was wondering if there was any cue to Nokia announcing a successor to the Lumia 520 ?

  125. I wanted to know whether the whatsapp will be payable in nokia lumia520, as i came to know that using whatsapp application with free 3gdata connection will be charged?can anyone help me on this

  126. hello sir, i want to no the download speed in 2g network(bsnl) of nokia lumia 520? is there any other mobiles more speed than nokia lumia520 in 2g network?

  127. hi,
    1. how do i share my songs using bluetooth to other phone .i am able to recieve it but not able to send them ?

  128. Thanks dear I got the replacement…..after some R&D on web I found that if Lumia Phone touch sensitivity turn into normal mode then you will not face this continues vibration problem…..which I did so with my new Lumia 720 and it works fine :p

  129. I have a problem with my Nokia Lumia 520. I have switched off the vibrate mode.But while receiving Whats app notifications ,it vibrates. How to get rid from this problem?

  130. I have bought 520 last month and my experience is also better with th this. I am not able to download videos through Tube Pro. Whenever I play or download, it gives Video Error 1) Please check if zune is closed 2) Network connection time out. My network is wifi. There is no problem with Internet. Please suggest how can I resolve this issue ?

  131. i have bought the 520 phone on 21-11-13, as usual the Nokia R&D team is either not aware of the earlier phone features or they simply ignore them. Or i am not able to locate these features.
    1 Ringing volume adjustment ascending tone, which was a common feature earlier not to be found
    2 Grouping of contacts and assigning a Group ringtone, where is it, i cannot go on allotting individual’s with ringtone option,
    3 Silent mode which is so common in all mobile Nokia where have kept it
    4 Playlist selection and adding how to do it
    5 Delivery reports of the sms use to go to a separate folder in this feature rich phone it comes in the inbox, Nokia which developer disabled this feature ask him to send a group sms with 520 and then let him check his inbox
    6 Speed dials, where is this hidden, cant bring it as a tile and keep in the opening page old phones had 9 speed dials, where to place 9 dials
    7 many are still complaining whether radio is present or not, even if it is present does it provide stereo playback, Nokia what did you save by disabling stereo
    8 Applications once started how to quit, no button option is there, whether those applications run in the background or shutdown how does one know
    9 Side buttons volume , power and camera without any inscription, what prevents them from printing the switches name
    Battery it didnt last for me for 6 hours also, huge let down
    Overall i would say Nokia you have go a long way, this is not a smart phone, by using it in searching the features we are only becoming smart.

  132. Stop watch is missing, timer is missing
    Voice recorder, recording of call conversation

    Headset does not have a button to switch the FM station, Songs in the music player
    Charger is a 3 pin socket charger, cannot insert in a 2 pin socket, how can you think everywhere there will be a 3 pin socket

  133. Hi Ashish

    I’ve bought Lumia520 4 days back, i was quite impressed with the features, but now i’m facing few problems like
    1. phone is getting heated while playing games and browsing internet, but i’ve hardly
    played a game for 15-20 mins. and net 30min. When i turn off net and keep the phone aside it cools down, it heats again if i use net or play a game.
    2. battery backup- the battery is drain down quickly, i hardly use music player for 2 hours, internet may be 30min. Morning it shows 100%, after an hour of listening music it comes to 85% and i keep it ideal at work, again in the evening i may use for another an hour or so. but till now i haven’t made a phone call or messeging till yet, and end of the day it drastcally falls down to battery saver mode which shows 30%.
    My friend uses Lumia510, his usage is more than mine, he plays games for an hour, browses, chats, and attends call for 1-2 hours , listens to music 2 hours. Overall per day usage is 6hours, if he charges 100%, after usage it shows 90-95% , he charges the phone in every two days but my usage is hardly 2-3 hours that to listening music, checking mails, few apps thats it, at end of the day battery is down at 10-12% and i’m charging it daily. Is it defect of the phone or battery? Can i replace the phone since i’ve purchased in flipkart? but my friend says that it cannot it replaced for my problem. Is it true?
    3. the time estimation it shows in battery saver mode, each time it is showing different timings, one time if it is 100% it shows 4 hours remaining, 85% it shows 2 days 18 hours after 2-3 it shows 1 day. How can i set the time estimate correctly.

    Ashish please do reply me i’m really worried again the phone, how can my problem be solved please suggest.

  134. Ashish,
    Pradeep here again, Another problem i’m facing is i’m unable to download apps more than 20MB, it is asking to connect through Wifi. as said my friend can download without any hassle in his lumia510. but Lumia520 has better, improved features than 510, still these kind of problems i’m facing.

    Things like *121#, *121*45# are not working, i’m unable to check my bal, can u explain why? I’m waiting for your reply please.

  135. sir i have the same problem…..i can hear the voice of person who has called me but the other person cannot hear me…in my earphone

  136. Delivery reports of sms shows only phone number not saved name…like”message sent to 98XXXXXXXX was delivered” why not “Message sent to ramesh was delivered” nokia lumia 520…..

  137. My lumia 520, displays the screen slide down to switch off, but it refuses to slide down or switch off.
    In the middle of a call it displayed this message and the phone refuses to switch off or bring other menu,
    Also many time if we slide the lock screen image, it moves up in a very slow fashion, as if behaving lethargically. This is happening within 20 days of purchase and occured 4 times.

    How to perform slide to switch off when it refuses to slide

  138. kept the power button depressed for more than 3 minutes, no response, then not knowing what to do, removed the battery and then inserted the battery, the date time everything got changed. had to adjust it.
    My question is what other way to switch off, also why the lock screen movement is too slow.
    If i remove and replace the battery, is there any harm done to the operating system software or to the applications data installed

  139. Hello,

    Using Lumia 520

    Problem -1 When i am browsing internet and any any one calling me he gets not reachable. Even i tested it through my another phone. To be multitasking how can i know a call and receive that call when browsing.

    Problem -2 When i am in call with anyone using headphone and i want to browsing internet simultaneously, how can i do browsing when calling. To be multitasking there should that features. Because the features was with my old Mobile Nokia 5233.

    Plz Assist me for this above problem

  140. Hi,can Nokia lumia 520 download “wechat” or “kakao” talk to make calls,I m having trouble with it,I make tried to calls via from all these calls,my friends can’t heard any voice

  141. hi ashish, i hv bought this phone last month. I found some difficulties in this mobile would you clarify…
    1. in creating contact ( people ) there is no custom name edit. which shows as mobile, mobile2, home home2, and no custom edit option. is there any trick or is there any apk. in store…pleasee…
    2. while playing music files and close, there is no exit key instead the file has been paused. what to do for exit…
    3. while we attending a call, if we search contacts name it display very fiew seconds like 2 or 3 seconds. how to sort out this.
    …raju ramesh.

  142. 1. You cannot do that.
    2. There is an app “Stop Music” it clears that.
    3. Yes that annoys me too. No option to fix it.


  143. Hii Sir,
    I would like to buy a new lumia 520 for my mother. Currently,she uses a Nokia 5130 ExpressMusic. She uses the phone regularly but utilises only some limited features such as calling,messaging and a bit of photography. I wish to present the phone as a gift and another factor which made me think of Lumia is because she is font of colorful phones. So,I’m planning to buy an yellow one. As I mentioned, she’s not so interested in utilising a phone completely, will this option of 520 be a good one.? Anyways, I’ll only buy a smartphone. So,will you suggest me this for her?
    Thanks Regards!

  144. I do have some different type of problem .

    I bought lumia 520 from Flipkart and issue is when I am talking with someone at that time internet is not working . So is there any solution for that.

  145. my battery had been off for 2 days after charging it it said that the phone has been locked and i have to try after 590709 minutes please help

  146. Pls help Mr Ashish.

    i have a problem with my L 520, when notification popped out for an update of the phone, I pressed the update but when the internet connection failed, I pulled out the battery and when I tried to open again and start the phone, its not starting anymore, only NOKIA after starting was the only word that popped out… what happened to this?

  147. the phone is a nightmare when comes to connect it at laptop with win 7, really a garbage product with lot of problems. if you want to spare time to search hours on stupid microsoft help pages, buy it. otherwise ge t a real phone

  148. Hi,
    I wish to buy 520 but I have a doubt. The display is normal-no gorilla glass. Will the phone sustain minor drops or falls from hand or table? Or it will shatter like cheap phones? Will a silicone cover help? I don’t like 630.

  149. Silicone should help. The Gorilla glass isn’t a full proof protection. Always use your phone with care

  150. Ashish bro
    my mobiles (Nokia lumia 520 ) do not gives more battery at 3G. it gives 2h usage time at 3G. what is fault

  151. I am sulking after buying this 520 lumia, nice to hear shiraz your phone lasts for 2 hours, mine switches off by itself in 37 minutes flat with full charge, if i read whatsapp and twitter and here nav is on, then i can reach tose places which can be reached in 10 minutes, else the phone will be off, i need to carry a power station with me always, to prevent it i never switch on the phone, that way the phone battery lasts from previous charge to next charge, Punishment for getting this useless piece, whether they have a R&D??/. I purchased in Sept2013,

  152. I have transferred some images from Nokia 5130 ExpressMusic which have turned black. When these were transferred from Lumia 1020 to 5130 Expresmuic, they could be viewed easily without any problem. Is there a way or software to rectify these images which are of immense importance? Please help.

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