Video : Whats new in Windows Phone 7.8 and How to upgrade

Finally!! After I heard the updates were getting rolled out, I plugged in my Lumia 610 to see if there was any update. This time there is one and the first one to appear was : Nokia Lumia Update for Windows Phone. This update has two major feature listed :

  • Provides Support for phones without physical camera button.
  • Provides other Windows Phone Improvement

The first point is interesting because I haven’t see a Lumia phone without a camera button and the second update looks like some kind of bug fix as there is another update waiting to roll in after you finish updating it.

Windows Phone 7.8 Update

How to update :

  • Make sure to have Zune installed on your computer.
  • Connect your phone with PC using the USB cable.
  • Once Zune detects your Phone, Go to Settings > Update and check if you have an update.

In case you don’t see an update and are ready to take some risk, check out the Force Update Method!!

How to update ( Video)

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So here the actual 7.8 Change log :

  • Start Screen resizable tiles
  • Accent colours bumped to 20
  • Improves the lock screen experience with accidental wipe protection feature and the Bing image for daily wallpaper.
  • Expands Windows Phone Marketplace & Xbox Live Support  to new countries and regions
  • Enhance Chinese Fonts and improves the  appearance of Arabic and other languages.
  • Some of the missing features are now fulfilled i.e. Internet sharing, Bluetooth sharing
  • Apps : Camera Extras, Contact Share, Play To and Nokia City Lens.

Windows Phone 7.8

Video Tour of Windows Phone 7.8:

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  1. Hi Ashish,

    I have an unlocked AT&T HTC Titan 2, and when I checked in the Zune for update, Its says I have the latest update but my phone is still running 7.5, Is there are any way to force update?

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