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Lumia 920 charges up 40% Faster, but does it on Wireless Charging ?

Lumia 920 charges up 40% faster than some of the phones in the same range. If you haven’t noticed it, you might just do after you finish up reading this post. As a matter of fact I did but then again was ignorant because I was half the time connecting it with USB or putting it on charge at night.  My Lumia 920 charges up full in 2hrs max.

Qualcomm posted about a silent technology, Quick Charge 1.0 which is enabled in Lumia 920 along with other Phones like Droid DNA by HTC, Samsung Galaxy S III, Asus Padfone and LG Nexus 4.

This technology comes along with the Snapdragon processor which is not only less hungry for battery but also makes sure you don’t charge up too often and if you did, the phone gets charged up pretty fast.

Good thing about this technology is that you need a special charger to achieve this but it comes integrated with the processor. PMIC, or power management integrated circuit and a standalone solution that interfaces to the USB connector.  This technology was acquired from Summit Microelectronics which specializes in power management solutions.

I guess this is another reason Lumia 920 is costly compared to 820. Two more reasons are low light camera performance and OIS tech. Remember this technology is not available with other Nokia Lumia phones like 800 etc.

Lumia 920 Wireless Charging

Now even though this is on-board, I am doubting if Lumia 920 will charge up with almost the same speed when it’s placed over the Wireless Charging plate. Like I said above, this is interfaced with USB connector, so unless it’s also wired up with the Qi it’s not going to happen. Anybody has an answer ? Answer in the comments!!

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