How to Make Cortana Ditch Bing for Google on Windows 10 PC

Cortana on Windows 10 can do plethora of things like searching your files, managing calendar appointments, track packages, track flights, tell you jokes, sing songs and much more. However, along with all this she also does some basic stuff like, searching your stuff online. And as you all know, Cortana is powered by Microsoft’s native search engine, Bing.

For those who do not know, Apple’s Siri is also powered by Microsoft Bing. Even though these personal assistants are powered by Bing, many still prefer Google for their web searches.

Cortana Google

Now, if you’re using Windows 10, I’m sure you must be using Cortana (at least for the sake of trying). When you make a search in Cortana, then by default she Bings your query, but with this small trick you can make her Google. For this trick you would need to have Firefox or Google Chrome set as your default browser.

Settings Firefox or Chrome as Default Browser:

  • You can do this by going to Settings> System> Default apps> Go to Web browser> Choose Firefox / Chrome

Cortana firefox default

Configuring Google as Search Engine in Firefox

  • In Firefox, click on the Hamburger Menu> Options> Search.

Cortana firefox hamburger

  • A drop down menu appears where you can select Change Search Settings.
  • Under Default Search Engine, Select Google.

Cortana firefox settings

Now, Cortana will also Google.

Setting up Chrome with Cortana

Chrome won’t re-direct your Cortana searches like in Firefox, but there is a third-party extension that offers the same called: Chrometana.

  • Set Chrome as your default browser.
  • Install Chrometana from the Chrome Web Store.

Cortana Chrome Ext

  • Type chrome://extensions in the address bar. Or click on the Hamburger Menu> Settings> Extensions.
  • Scroll down until you find Chrometana, and click Options.

Cortana Chrome Extension

  • A new window will open up, allowing you to choose your preferred search engine for Cortana. It can be either Google, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo.
  • Choose your preferred search engine, and close the browser.

Cortana Chrome Google

Now, do a search in Cortana, and the search results will open up in Google instead of Bing.

However, if you’re using Microsoft Edge, Opera, UC Browser or Internet Explorer, then this trick won’t work for you. But let me tell you, you may like Google for its search results, but Bing still gives you the native, home-like experience. How many of you prefer Bing over Google? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. excellent post, thanks for sharing this trick. Bing is great and whatnot but for those living outside USA is simply useless.

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