How to create & install new Windows 10 Themes

There are quite a few ways in which you can personalize your Windows 10 computer or laptop. While most of us choose the easiest one i.e. changing lock screen photo or adding a new wallpaper. There are other ways to personalize your Windows 10 PC too, i.e. by adding themes. I still remember Windows 7 had a great collection of themes which were provided by Microsoft. All you had to do is go to personalize and click on get more themes. In this post, we will share how to Create and install themes in Windows 10.

Create install themes windows

How to create & install new Windows 10 Themes

Fortunately, Windows 10 still has that option but its kind of hidden as in you have to go to Settings> Themes> Theme Settings> Get more themes. But it still lets you have themes for your Windows 10 computer. I still love playing around with different themes and thought of sharing it with you guys. In this tutorial I will be telling you, where to get these great themes and how to install them on your PC.

Create install themes windows

1] Install Themes from Microsoft

  • Go to Settings > Personalize > Themes
  • Under Change theme, click on get more themes from Microsoft Store
  • It will launch the store and display themes available at the store.Create install themes windows
  • Now click on Get to download your preferred theme
  • After it’s been downloaded click on Open
  • Now you will see your downloaded theme under Themes.
  • Click on it to apply the theme

2] Create your own Windows 10 Themes

If you want to make a theme which suits your style, Windows 10 Theme section offers an option to save current settings as a separate theme.

  • Go to Settings > Personalize and then Themes
  • Under Current Theme, you can change i.e. Desktop background, Wallpapers, Sound Scheme, Colour, Screen Saver etc.
  • Once done, you can click on Save Theme link as you have seen in the picture.

Create install themes windows

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Once saved, if you want to export or share it with anybody else, then right-click on the theme listing, and choose to save theme for sharing. This creates an executable which can be used on any Windows 10 computer and can also be synced between your Windows 10 PCs.

There are many third-party websites which offer to download themes. They work well, and you can download them, but make sure to scan them before applying.

We hope it was easy to follow the steps to create & install new Windows 10 Themes.


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