Manually Adjust Brightness Levels in Windows Phone 8.1

Seems like the final version of Windows Phone 8.1 is full of surprises. After we found the Device HUB inbuilt into the phone settings here comes the option to manually adjust your phone brightness if you think the brightness settings aren’t giving you the brightness you wanted.

I found this setting in Lumia 630 which has the Windows Phone 8.1 and the CYAN update as well. I am not sure if this is coming for all or just with CYAN or if its Lumia 630 only feature which doesn’t have the Ambient sensor.

Windows Phone 8.1 Adjust Brightness Settings

Go to Settings > Display > Brightness Profile. Tap on Adjust and the next screen lets you adjust the level of brightness for High, Medium and Low Brightness profile.. Now here the deal, it only lets you adjust the profile which is selected right now on your phone. 

Brightness Profile Adjuster in WP 8.1

So if its Medium selected in your brightness settings, you can change the level of brightness for that profile. Switch to high, and the profile adjuster instantly enables the High brightness profile adjustment bar.

Adjust Brightness Profiles WP 8.1

A live preview is available right away in form of a colourful image. As you adjust you can see how the colours look and you can adjust accordingly. There are multiple images where you can see the effect.

If you feel what you changed isn’t what you wanted, tap on menu bar and then tap on “reset brightness” profile.

This brightness adjuster is not available in the Windows Phone 8.1 Beta Update. I hope this is coming to all Windows Phone.

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