Manually Configure IMAP settings in Email Accounts, If Default Fails (Windows Phone)

When trying to add a Gmail account to my Lumia 620, I was being redirected to Advance Settings where it forced me to choose either Exchange Sync or Internet Email. Seems like something recently happened which  did not allow me to add Gmail account Windows Phone using the standard Gmail option which is available in Settings > Add Email Account > Gmail.

My Lumia 620 has the latest update ( Firmware version 1030.6407.1307.0001) because Storage Checker is available in it.

Manually Set Port Number:

The only option was to use POP3 or IMAP. I chose the latter but was totally confused because if you check on the configuration settings of Gmail IMAP4, you need to mention the port number. The option to enter port number for Outgoing and Incoming Mail server is missing in the Windows Phone Setup.  You may try without it but it will fail as it failed for me.

Finally after thinking a bit, I thought of giving this trick a try.

  • For Incoming server type in
  • For Outgoing server type in

What I did was add a colon(:) and port number along with the server address in the field which was asking me for it. The screenshot below gives you much clear idea.

Gmail imap Settings

And the sync worked just fine after that. All the emails were downloaded. However this has a major drawback, You cannot sync contacts and calendar.

Lumia 920 Post Portico Gmail Settings:

When I tried it on my Lumia 920, the sync worked properly and without any issue and never asked me for advance settings. Now when I went ahead and checked Sync Settings for that email, it has very similar settings as the above screenshot. This will only show up when you add a new Gmail account. These settings on the contrary allow you to sync contacts and calendar.

Gmail Lumia 920 Post Portico

This situation is kind of strange and should not happen to most of you. But if you fall into the same situation, you can always add port number to the end of the server URL along with a colon. Hope it helps a couple of you there!

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  1. I am trying to configure my exchange account on Lumia 920. If i try to add an exchange account then nothing happens, it says there is problem contacting to your server. Now I am trying to add exchange account through IMAP. I am able to sync my mails, but unable to send mail through it. Thoughts? I have tried to do this with and without ports, but sending mail doesn’t work,


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