Match : Its an impressive and tough match making game on Windows Phone

While Strata left us impressed with it’s match making and design style, here is another one today and it will impress you as well. Match-a match making game which reminds me of jig saw puzzles where you need to put the cut outs to right place, except this on a phone and it’s really tough for regular users.

Game Play:

In this game the design which needs to be matched with its cut-out need to come together by sliding them horizontally or vertically. What is really challenging is the set of blocks which move together. Instead of moving them all together you will find them moving only partially which could be either up, down or left and right. This really makes the game difficult and it increase the number of moves which basically is the performance report.

Match Levels for Windows Phone

This game has 100 levels as of now which you need play one by one. None can be skipped without completing other but if you feel the levels are bit tough, you can skip them by using the keys. The game comes with 5 keys bundled and for more you need to pay real money.

That said, set of 20 levels are packed in one group and there are 5 such group. Each group gets unlocked when the previous is complete. If you want early access, you can buy them individually at a price of 1.99 USD each which IMO is damn costly.

Video Demo:

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Overall its a brilliant game and should become one of the top match making games in this category. Its free if you can play and its well designed. Nothing to lose here.